Sunday, December 04, 2005

This and That

I've unstuck my foot from the toothpaste that cemented it to the floor when I stepped in it, I have a fresh cup of coffee and a smoke, and it's as quiet as it can be with 2 TVs making racket in the house, so I thought I'd pop in and say hello.

We've had a kiddie weekend around here so the echos of little voices are still resounding through my mind.

"They're knocking my tower down, ON PURPOSE."
"I don't want a top on my glass of juice!"
"I'm being orangrey."
"Alexis's reindeer looks like it was run over by a big truck."
"But the markers are washable so the blue will wash off."
"But we're using the potty." (This was in answer to the query about why 3 little girls were in the bathroom together. I suspect that had something to do with the toothpaste cement).

We've been eating a lot this weekend too. Friday there was take-out pizza and a spinach salad. Yesterday we had hamburger steaks, mashed taters and gravy, green beans, and peanut butter fudge. Today we chowed down on some chicken-n-dumplings, pinto beans, cornbread, mixed veggies, brussel spouts, oatmeal- raisin cookies, and rice pudding. (My scales are probably cringing in the corner of the bathroom.) Jerri and Jami are responsible for all the sweet goodies cause you can't even freeze my attempts at fudge long enough to firm it up.

Jerri and Jami also did some Christmasy crafting with the kiddies after dinner while Nanny and Jillian thought about a nap (which ended up in Nanny-baby conversation and no nap).


Joan said...

Lordie, you are making me hungry, I have a roaster full of porcupine meatballs simmering in the oven.

Your grandkids, just blow me are blessed.

Mary Lou said...

Oh how cute, and how fat the hatchling is getting!! She obviously is enjoying life!!

Virginia Gal said...

Isn't it always the case that when you are trying to put a kid to sleep, they keep you awake talking. I sometimes use to wish, at the daycare I worked at, that there really was some sort of sandman out there that would help me put children to sleep.

David said...

Those kinds of weekends are nice but they can sure drain you. I am always glad when they leave. Yes we had such a Saturday but yesterday was quiet.

Tiff said...

Yummmy - you are definitely making me hungry! It sounds like you had a busy weekend. Maybe it will slow down this week but knowing you - probably not! Ha! Have a good one!

Barry said...

Do you ever check your Yahoo mail-----hope all is well--

wanda said...

Better watch out or it will be Nanny got ran over by a reindeer!
Of course with all that good eatin you been doing, it might hurt the reindeer worse than Nanny!

Leslie said...

Hey, my comment from yesterday was eaten : /

Holly said...

You family weekends sound so nice. It's wonderful that you get along with your daughter in law (s?) and that you are all close. crafts and cooking and baby conversations...
i want to be a nanny like you one day! (but not until my kids are in their mid-20's and finished college, please dear lord)