Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Housework Should be Made Simple

Some day I'm going to get rid of my dust rags, vacuum cleaner, mops and brooms, and buy a turbo-powered leaf blower, one that'll swoosh every item the kids have stuffed under the sofa and loveseat right on out the door. It will also be powerful enough to clean out from behind the rest of the furniture and appliances that I figured didn't really need cleaning cause I couldn't see back there anyway. It'll suck up those dust bunnies up near the ceiling in 2.2 seconds and have gentle attachments for wiping snotty noses and changing diapers.

I reckon until that day comes I'll have to keep on doing things the old fashioned way,,,when I get around to it. I did get around to a few things yesterday,,,

I took down the Christmas Tree and packed everything in boxes that I packed so well that I can't move them, so they wait there patiently against the dining room wall for the Man to get around to moving them to the closet. (mind you, they might be there for awhile since the Man and the Son have gone on a hunting trip from which they'll bring home a shitload of dirty laundry! It's rather nice that Jerri has to do the Son's part now (big grin).

I vacuumed the living room, dining room, and master bathroom. That worked up a sweat and I had to get into that economy-sized bottle of ibupro before moving on to the next chore.

I swept the kitchen the first time and then Jerri came over and did it the second and third.

I washed and dried 1 load of laundry and put most of it away, the rest will still be there when the urge hits me to get to it.

The rest of the afternoon I played and watched TV cause some of the munchkins came to visit and I played a little with my camera.


KB said...

Ah the babies are so cute!!! Uh, it looks like the chick was neeked!!

Sally said...

I need to go back to work - staying at home is getting on my nerves. :) Every time I sit down, I think of something else to do - that just ain't right!!

The pictures are beautiful!!

mary lou said...

Oh Look even The Hatchling is half naked! Must be a family thing!! LOLOL THey are getting so big!

wanda said...

Wanna come take down my tree and do my house cleaning? My maid is refusing to work for free.
Love those pictures. The girls are all simply georgous!

Virginia Gal said...

Amen to that invention that sucks things up in 2.2. seconds and makes it shiny clean. If you can come up with it Belinda, put me down now for an order (oh do you think it could also do dusting?).

me said...

Tree down already? I think we still have some wrapping paper under ours. 1 day off after Christmas wasn't enough.

cas said...

That sounds like a great way to finish up a very busy day.

I wish my tree was down, but we're hosting a New Year's eve dinner, and it seemed more appropriate to leave it another day or two.

Mark said...

I was going to attempt procrastinated house cleaning today, but after reading your post, I'm too tired. Maybe tomorrow.

Cindra said...

What wonderful pictures... love those sweet cheeks!

wanda said...

I'm waiting for word of your arrival! House still needs cleaning and tree is still standing.
Will provide drinks and celebrations for NY's eve!!

Pisser said...

So cute, it just ain't right.

Tiff said...

They are so cute!

When you invent this new "cleaning" device please sign me up as one of the first to buy it!

You have done better than I have. I am going to have to tackle taking down my Christmas decorations tonight! I planned on doing it the Monday after Christmas when I was off but I just couldn't muster up the energy!

Hope you have a Happy New Year!!