Sunday, October 14, 2007

What's Up?

Not a lot here, just been mosying about some.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are Tae Kwon Do nights for the Chick and Zach so we hurry with the homework to get there on time. They'll be testing some time the end of this month or the first part of November to see if they're ready for their yellow belts and then they'll have a break until January when the next class begins.

A couple of times on Thursdays I've been bringing Beans home with me to spend the night so the Chick and her Momma can have some time alone together. When she spends the night with us there's a lot of toddler-type reading going on,,,she reads the pictures to me,,, and lots of playing. Not much else gets done but who cares when you're having fun!

Abby stayed Friday night. She pretty much entertains herself so all I had to do was makes sure she was fed on a regular basis. For a tiny girl, she can sure put away some groceries!

Last night Zach had a little buddy over and I finally persuaded them around midnight that it was time to get some sleep if they planned on going to Children's Church this morning. Nanaw also needed some sleep as she was getting to be a cranky old broad by 11 or so.

Zach has spent the past 3 weeks reading a book for a book report and I'm sure glad he finally finished it today. Tonight I'm helping him do a couple of scrapbook pages to go along with his book summary so he can turn it in tomorrow and be done until we have to wrestle about reading the next one. I would give James's right testicle if I could find a way to get Zach interested in reading because I've found so much joy in my love of reading over the years, I've never had to fight boredom as long as I had a few books in my "to read" stack.

James finally got a day off today. The harvest is done on the part of the farm he's responsible for so he's now got hunting plans on the brain. He also cooked up some fine vittles on the grill this afternoon so I've had a belly full of chicken and ribs and have been fighting the urge to nap since about 1 or so.

Ok, I'm outta here now.

I hope everyone's had a lovely, relaxing weekend!


cassie-b said...

It sounds like all your hard work is paying off.

Taking care of the homework assignments and the children connected to thos assignments is more work than most people can imagine.

Have a good week next week.


T*mmy said...

Sounds like you have a great time with the kids...I bet they think you are "cool"...

As for book reports...I've been doing some myself on my blog...I used to love to do them in school and even more so now...books can be a great friend and a break from loneliness I think!

Have a great day!

Joan said...

mmmmmm ribs and chicken. Send James over here, we burn everything.

Sally said...

Wish I could give you suggestions on how to get little Zach interested in reading.

Now you've got me wanting ribs and it's only 9:00 A.M. haha Have a good day, Ms. Brenda.

mreddie said...

I'm glad somebody can grill, my outside cooking usually turns out like that in the Old Testament - a burnt offering. ec

Phyllis said...

My goodness, but those kiddies of yours sure keep you busy!!
When do you get time for yourself?

AndiePandie said...

The weekend sadly wasn't relaxing so I'm glad it's over. LOL Mr. AP and I just tested and got our brown belts. Congrats to everyone! :D