Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm Kicking!

Figure of speech ya know.

I just realized it's Friday and I haven't posted anything since way earlier this week. I was thinking back to see if I could remember why,,, and then it hit me,
last Friday was the last day I had that was kid-free for a few hours.

And Special K said there was a full moon,
double whammy!

Jerri really decorates her place up for Halloween and has both of the things I've posted photos of up there. Jillian doesn't like either one of them, nor many of the decorations very much. Jerri uses the motion sensored "rat-in-a-can" to keep her from sneaking out onto the car port. It works cause Beans will climb you like a tree if that rat starts shaking that can when she walks by.

She uses the second little item, the animated "rat hat", to keep her out of the fridge. Beans grazes all day and because she'd rather have sweet than healthy, Jerri had to find a way to make sure she has fruit or carrots over the other stuff. It works, she won't go near that fridge if she thinks the "rat hat" is hiding in there.


jazzi said...

Yeah, we can't go down the Halloween aisle at Wal-Mart because Squirt shrieks like a banshee about the guy taking his head off that's right at the beginning.

Southern to the bone. said...

I think Jerri should write a "how-to" book. I'm sure a lot of parents could use her advice.

Hope your weekend is good so far!

Attila The Mom said...

What in the heck IS that second thing?

jerri said...

ok folks I ain't crazy LOL I just have to do what I have to do as a crazy mommy LMAO

Brent said...

Was this a post about Halloween or dieting? I'm confused.

Phyllis said...

Those poor kids will be traumatized for life!! hehehehehehe
I used to dress up like a witch and scare the heck outa the kids coming up to my door for candy!
I had more fun than they did!!

T*mmy said...

Well...there you are...I had wondered where you had got to!

Hope you have a wonderful day!