Thursday, October 04, 2007

What I'm Learning during my second trip through 5th Grade

First off, I'm learning that they've changed the names of some of the stuff in Math as well as changing the way the stuff is done. The second thing that's quickly become apparent is that "the old dogs and new tricks" thing is a lot harder to get a handle on when you're actually an Old Dog.

So, when did an average become a mean? Did I learn that back in 1965 and have just forgotten it? Before you even get to the mean part, you've got to learn the parts about, organizing your data and finding the range. Mean is the 3rd step and then you've got to find the Median and Mode.

We're working on graphs now and learning even more new, or forgotten, terms.

I still can't remember the difference between a mean, mode, and median.

I think brain cells are dying here.

And while I'm moaning here, what's up with the Book Reports? Back when I was in school, there were two kinds, Written and Oral. Zach brought home 3 or 4 pages of book report examples! Each 9 weeks he has to do 2 of them, for 1 the teacher assigns the form, the 2nd is his choice which could include,

Writing a Radio Announcement about the book

Giving a Sales Pitch about the book

Creating a Book Jacket

Make a Movie about the book

,,,And the list goes on (they could even do a Power Point Presentation).

I think I prefer the old way when you only had two choices and the teacher decided which one you were to do.

I hope I can pass the 5th grade this go-round and if I do, I might have to drop out before entering the 6th again.


Sally said...

Lord love a duck. Mercy, Ms. Brenda, you have left me in the dark. I'm sure you'll both do fine, and I'll be keeping my fingers cross that you and Zach pass 5th grade.

Have you ever watched that show with Jeff Foxworthy "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" I had to stop watching; it was making me feel like an idiot! :)

AndiePandie said...

Oh my. I do actually remember mean, mode, and median. But to learn that in the 5th grade? That's algebra right there. And book reports? I don't even remember when I had to do my first one. LOL

Tammy J said...

Gosh, I'm feeling for you...I really am...I didn't "get" math back then...and I highly doubt I would get it today...sigh!!

Have a good one anyway!

Joan said...

I've heard of that before..

I feel MEAN and when I get in MEAN MODE, I drive up the MEDIAN. We were supposed to use those words in a sentence...weren't we?

PEA said...

I really do think I'd fell grade 5 if I tried it now! lol Us older folks all learned it one way, how dare they go change it all??? It's just like here in Canada when they went this day I still struggle with it because I learned the "normal" way in school! lol xox

mreddie said...

I'm sitting here thinking how thankful I am that I don't have a fifth grader to help - and make me feel dumb. :) ec

Tammy J said...


I have gone private with my blog...I'll need your email address in order to send you and invitation. So if you would like to be a part of my "private" little world just zip me a few lines.

Love & Hugs to you today!

Willowtree said...

I don't think it's really changed that much...
The Mean is the arithmetic average of a set of values.
The Median is the middle value of a set of values.
The Mode is the most commonly occurring value in a set of values.

I always hated math, which makes it even more strange that I went on to achieve a BSc. in Computing.

Brenda said...

Tammy, I sent you an email but it was returned so please send me an email with your blog information to
dian1954 (at)

cassie-b said...

I know that with each generation, it becomes increasingly harder to help a child with their homework. And if the child who has parents who can't or won't help, what happens to them?

Cindra said...

The examples you listed really only create 3 types. Visual (artistic - jacket cover), verbal and written. Actually two of them are written if done correctly. They are just trying to show the kids oral reports don't have to be boring... nudging their creative juices. I think they are trying to make it more interesting for the kids. The book cover is for those students that are more creative and less verbal.
Now the math thing has me puzzled... I know median and mean... all types of mean, but mode? Is that like what "mode" of transportation are you using? Type? Would that be "What you are measuring?"