Friday, October 05, 2007

Leftover Nanaw

My horsey is slightly broken down and moving slow.
The pickle jar is empty.
I'm educated in the toddler translation for the names of the whole Wide World of Animals.
I've found I'm still fast enough to prevent a toddler from peeing in the a/c vent AND get her to the bathroom in time.
I know why it would be insane for 50+ year old women to give birth.
2 yr old girls think they like salt on their pancakes, but they don't.
1, tiny, melted, chocolate chip can cover most of a 2 yr old face.
"Keeeeeee" means see when you're 2, and no sometimes means yes, but not always.
Miss Jilly Beans spent last night and today with me, did you guess?


Tammy J said...

She looks so tall in that picture!

I'm sure you had a great time ;)

Brent said...

Salt on their pancakes?? HAHAHA, yes, been there, done that.

Sally said...

See? Nanaw's learn something new every day! She's so adorable. I know you two had lots of fun. :)

katerina said...

Kee? Even an old dog can learn new tricks. ;)

Mary Lou said...

LOLOL At least this one goes back home to mommie!

Donna said...

I think this is the best time of our lives! Precious baby!

Cindra said...

And you still had the energy and the brain cells left to right such a clever entry?