Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I was born 100 years too early!

By the year 2050 people could perhaps be marrying robots and because I'll be missing out on this little upgrade in living standards, I'm jealous!

I suppose if I live to be 96 or so, I might be able to attend the wedding of a great-great-grandchild who chose a non-living mate, but I'm going to doubt that the first models that come out will be bald-headed, wrinkled up, old fellas so, at my ripe old age, I'd miss the boat.,,,even the raft for that matter.

Can you imagine having the perfect mate though? Someone who liked all the same things, who didn't ever argue, who picked up after themselves, brought flowers (ones you didn't get the bill for!). The list could go on forever! You'd just select your preferred model and then program in all the traits you want it to have.
I wonder if all the models will have built in heaters suitable for warming cold feet up against?
And I wonder if you can preorder?


Phyllis said...

I have quite a few comments, but I will refrain from them. hehehehe
weird. life as we know it is changing much too rapidly! I saw a special on tv Sunday night about a mrich man in a sdesert somewhere that built islands that look like palm trees and a city with skyscrapers all within two years. He built an entire empire.....why?

Phyllis said...

mrich....I meant rich
sdesert....I meant desert
here is the link to the islands.

It took 4 years not two.

AndiePandie said...

My babies is already like that. :)

Oh wait! Maybe he's a 'bot! I should check. ;)

Cal said...

Mmm. Perfection might just get a tiny bit boring eventually. And I'm sure it must start up a bit of an inferiority complex in you to be around it all the time!

Southern to the bone. said...

Wow - at this stage, I'd like to be able to say "get out there and bring home the bacon; Mama needs to go shoppin'"....

I saw that special Phyl is talking about; wild. The answer to her question, I would think, to see how much more money he can make the fastest way possible. :)

Southern to the bone. said...

Oh, and that man is using cheap labor; are you surprised?

T*mmy said...

Sounds like a sci-fi flick!
Have a great day!

mreddie said...

We would probably miss the disagreements and the making up. :) The best part about the real thing is that they choose to stay with you when they don't have to. ec

PEA said...

LOL Awww you know us women, though, Brenda, we'd still find something to complain about him! lol xox