Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Already???

Dusty Delta Sundown

Geez, where's this week going?

Beans got her cast off yesterday
and the poor baby has blisters all over her arm. She's afraid to use
that hand right now but I think she'll realize it doesn't hurt anymore
soon and be right back at it soon.

Zach and The Chick really got a workout at their Tae Kwon Do class yesterday. I makes me tired just watching them. Alexis also takes dance and tumbling so she's in good shape.

Trish sent me a copy of Jordan and Jaylen's 5 wk reports and those girls are shining! All A's for Jordan and nothing but good things for Jaylen.

We haven't gotten Zach's 5 wk report yet but I'm thinking there'll be room for improvement after looking at his grades online the other day. He seems to go from one extreme to the other.

Jami hasn't mentioned MeriKate, Krysten,
or Abie's grades but I've helped them with their homework some and they
seem to know what they're doing so I think their reports will be just

Ok, I'm outta here, the way my back feels, I think I'm getting a kidney infection. I'm a little nauseous too.


mreddie said...

How is it that we get so attached to those 'grand' ones? Maybe I just have more time than when I was working. ec

Cindra said...

Sounds like the kids are doing great, now you take care of yourself.

AndiePandie said...

I'm loving this Halloweeny design. :)

And something must be going on in blogland, you're the second person who has mentioned some sort of kidney or UTI issue. :( I hope it gets resolved quickly!

jazzi said...

Yay! for all those good grades! I hope Zach's will follow suit. Poor little Beans! That arm had to have been itching like mad under that cast.
Take care of yourself, ma'am. Go get some cranberry juice!

Cal said...

Hope that infection stays away, Brenda. Take care of yourself. And like the spooky new look!

cassie-b said...

It sounds like school is moving right along. Our kids have only been in school since just after Labor day.

No big time accounting yet.

Joan said...

Hope your feeling better, take care of yourself.

I see you got the template working:)

Donna said...

Great holiday template! Hope you get to feeling better!!!

T*mmy said...

That is a beautiful picture!

I hope you feel better soon!

Mary Lou said...

Well Maybe it is something in blogland, I woke up this morning with a HORRIBLE pain in my lower right front...I think it is a bladder infection, Or a wondering kidney stone. WIth my luck it will be my apendix!

Attila The Mom said...

Yikes, what are all the blisters from?

Hope you're feeling better, Chica! Sending you my most healing thoughts!


kaliblue said...

Hey Miss Brenda:-).
Can you believe Sunday is the first day of Fall ??? A few months later and Christmas will be here. Time is flying ever so fast it seems.
Have a good day!!!