Friday, September 14, 2007

Just so I can say I did,,,,,

Thought I'd post a little something even though little of nuttin' has been going on in my neck of the woods lately.

Yesterday I had play time with Jillian while Jerri took the Chick and Zach to Tae Kwon Do and we stayed pretty entertained the whole time.

First we were entertained by Jerri's Mom's 2 Poms. Baby Girl was in heat, and Skipper, who's been neutered, wrestled around with her for a short while before getting tired and losing interest. Then Baby Girl decided he wasn't putting forth enough effort, so she'd fool around with him for awhile. Jillian would get irritated because they were "wrestling" around so much they'd get in the way of her playing so she'd take her BOW WOW (this huge blow up hammer thingy) and bop the hell of of them. It was a lot more entertaining than the cartoons on TV.

During the "wrestling" match we were also watching for the hummingbirds to come to the feeder outside the living room window. I was trying to get Jillian to say "hummingbird" but she insisted they were "birds". Simple enough, she's not one for long, drawn out, conversations or elaborations.

We also made several potty trips during which we sang the "PeePee on the Potty" song, discussed the artwork on the walls, played peep-pie in the mirror, and had short answer discussions about if it was time to wipe or not. I bet we spent over half an hour in the bathroom during that play date.

Afterwards while I was trying to put a diaper on her as she was in an upright position (she insisted), I was having problems with getting the tabs straight,

Nanaw : Well, Shoot!

Jillian: Shit?

Nanaw: That's not what I said this time Jillian.

Jillian: Shoot.

Nanaw: Yep, let's go see if we can find some big girl panties, ok?


jazzi said...

I was happy when Squirt's mom found those diapers that work like underwear. Not so good if they poop in them, but much easier if they insist on standing up to get the diaper on!

Tine said...

I so love reading your blog Brenda.

PEA said...

Lol sounds like a fun time with her...can just picture her bopping the poms with that blow up hammer! hehe Kids can be so entertaining...even in the washroom! lol xox

T*mmy said...

I can just see her bopping those poor doggies!!

Doncha just love how they pay attention when you say a bad word??

mreddie said...

The potty seems to always be an adventure whether the little one is a boy or girl. Boys are the ones of my most recent experience and when they are learning to make water in the potty and their aim is not very good - - then the cleanup begins. ec