Wednesday, September 12, 2007


A little blurry, but here are our two Tae Kwon Do beginners. I think they look as cute as little bugs in their uniforms. James told me I won't be thinking cute when one of them tries to use what they've learned on me.

They have a variety of students in their class but also have more than one instructor so that they are learning at different levels. The oldest student is my age. They were having to duck walk around the perimeter of the gym during one class and I was observing from the bleachers. When the "older student" was passing he breathlessly told me, "I'm getting too old for this." I replied, "You're doing a great job, if I were to get down that low it would take Turk's Crane Service to get my old butt upright again."

Jilly Beans saw the doctor yesterday and the cast stays on for at least another 2 weeks. When I saw her last night, I asked her what the doctor said, and being a child who doesn't waste a lot of time on chit-chat, she lifted her arm and told me, "Doctor, broke, boo-boo." I reckon that said it all.

When I dropped the Chick off at home after their class, Beans came running out of the house in her birthday suit to give me bye sugars. After she sat in my lap for a few minutes, confiscated my powdered donuts and Zach's left-over chips, she was ready to go back inside. Alexis had plans to show her momma and daddy what she'd learned in class so I bet it was a rowdy there for the next little while.

Trish called last night to tell me that she's officially on strike. She told Jordan and Jaylen that since they couldn't pick up their toys and clothes or clean their rooms, she couldn't drive them to ball practice or take them other places because she had to spend all of her time cleaning up their messes.

Jami came in this morning with 3 sad little girls. It seems, from first appearances, that someone has poisoned 3 of their dogs, two of which stay in a pen. The county Sheriff is one of their neighbors so I'm hoping they'll investigate and find out who did this because it takes someone mighty evil and cold-hearted to kill a pet.

UPDATE: Only one of the girls pets was poisoned, the ones in the pen were ok.


Brenda said...

Blogger isn't cooperating with letting me put spaces where they need to be in this post. They must be as grouchy as I am in the mornings.

mreddie said...

When the photo "hit" my eyes I was "knocked" for a loop and the smiles are very "striking". :) ec

AndiePandie said...

Wooot! What shiny pretty new dobaks those are!

T*mmy said...

Good for Trish...I've wanted to go on strike many times!!

I hope they find the culprit behind the doggie poisonings!! Gastly beast!!

PEA said...

Awww they do look cute in their uniforms! I think it's great that they're learning Tae Kwon you, they'd have to drag my butt off the floor! lol Oh dear, how terrible that someone poisoned one of the dogs...that's happened around here and it sickens me to think that someone can do that to an animal. xox