Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Those Devils at AT&T are messin with my mind!

Last winter I dropped everything but basic service on my land line phone. I'd previously been paying for 2 lines because I used one for that dreadful dial-up Internet service but with the installation of the new, faster, satellite service I no longer needed the extra line. I'd also previously had a intrastate and international long distance calling plan but with AT&T's acquisition of Southwestern Bell, and their immediate increases in these services, I decided I just didn't need all that anymore.

After I cancelled all the extra stuff, my bill for basic services was $34.73 per month and it stayed that way for 3 whole months. Then the crazy stuff started up.

In March it was $35.17

In May it was $34.97

In June it remained $34.97

In July it jumped up to $36.13 (due to a basic rate increase)

BUT, In August it was $35.59

So this morning I sent an email to AT&T customer service to ask some simple questions, "Why has my bill been going up and down and what IS the amount of my basic monthly bill."

Someone from AT&T's customer service just called me in regard to my email, woke me up from my nap, and I still don't know the answer to those 2 simple questions. After she hummed and hawed for 10 minutes or so, I told her to please hunt around and find someone who knows the answers and call me back,,,or even better, answer my email WITH an email and I can finish my nap.


cassie-b said...

I wonder why someone who didn't seem to know the answers was assigned to your complaint.


Sally said...

It's so aggravating - I'm amazed in the first place that someone actually called you. But, to have that person not even know what they're talkin about is downright disgusting.

I hope you get to continue the nap in peace!

TRISHA said...

Leave AT& T alone!!!! I love AT&T...I use them for my land line, my cell phone and my internet service. If I ever have problems, (and I rarely do) I just call and get it fixed and usually end up with free stuff for my time and trouble! Start being a little nicer to them Mom!And in their defense, it's ALWAYS better to talk to the customer instead of using email!

Brenda said...

All I gotta say is, you'd better be checking your bill for basic service!

And I was nice dammit!

T*mmy said...

The Devil is in the details...

And to answer your question about the wine tastin'....no wine...but, they did have a whole room dedicated to their sauce and jams and samples of each...yep, I did do the samples *smacking lips*