Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Fall Ya'll !

Two views from last November (click em for a bigger view)

I know the first day of Autumn was yesterday but I didn't get around to posting so I'm late with my greetings. I would love to say that Fall was my favorite time of the year, but because it leads to Winter, it just isn't so. I don't like Winter with it's short days, it's bare trees, and the cold that I feel in my bones. I reckon I'm lucky that we don't have too many really, really cold days though.

Since the trees in my part of the world won't be feeling too autumnish for a few more weeks, (we hang on to Summer as long as we can) I dug into some of my photo files from last year.


jazzi said...

When I saw those pictures, I was wondering how you could have taken them already! It's still green here, so I know it's got to be at your place. Today is supposed to be the last day to hit close to 90 degrees for us, though. How about you?

Southern to the bone. said...

Well, I think I done figured out how to comment here. DUH...I'm a nerd. Just hit the refresh button!

Those pictures are awesome! The leaves are beginning to fall here, and it's not quite as hot, thank the good Lord!

T*mmy said...

I may have to dig out some from last year as it is not shaping up to have very pretty color around here due to the dry weather.

Happy Fall to you and yours!

Cal said...

Terrific pictures! The leaves here are starting to turn now which is a bit early but that's probably because of the horrible weather we've had.