Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

I hope every one's having a great holiday weekend. It's been a hot one here but a bit cooler than it was in August, thank goodness, but still, I've spent most of the long weekend avoiding things that make me sweat.

Beans got her cast last Wednesday, finally. It's green and they've already painted it with some sparkles, and Jerri is trying to think of a way to decorate it a bit for their pageants coming up on Tuesday night.

The doc also decided to put Jami's broken foot in a cast since the boot/splint wasn't doing the job to let it heal.

Tae Kwon Do classes are going well for Zach and Alexis and they both like it. Their uniforms (do you call them that?) should be in on Tuesday so they'll look like little MA students then.

Trish, Jordan, and Jaylen are in town for the weekend and we went over on Saturday to spend some time with them. I swear, those girls look as though they've grown an inch just over the past few weeks!

Jordan's softball team was ranked 3rd/4th (depends on which championship you read) in the state and 6th in the nation this season!

I got the news the other day that one of my past tax clients is in jail for handling an incident on his own with some good ole boy redneck justice. Apparently he'd been having problems with someone breaking into his welding shop and stealing stuff, so he decided to set up an ambush for them. He decked himself out in cammo clothing and night vision goggles and waited. When they broke in the other night he met them with shotgun blasts and killed two men.

I've heard, through the grapevine, that they're charging him with first degree murder but haven't seen anything on the news about it, so who knows?

This guy was working on a part for my son-in-law and the part became part of a crime scene. I think the sheriff escorted him onto the property the next day and let him get it so he could put his truck back together.

School's going good so far this year, I've heard no complaints from Zach's teachers. I went up on Friday and met with all of them except 1 and I'm really encouraged that this year will work out better than previous ones.


T*mmy said...

We are having cooler temps here to thankfully!
I'm glad Beans finally got her cast and I'm sure it will just add to her alure for the padgent ;)
Wow on your tax client...maybe the heat finally got to him...I've heard of that, but this case is extreme :0
I'm glad school is going better this year and wish you and yours a Happy Labor Day!

PEA said...

Happy Labour Day dear Brenda! I've done nothing but relax today and I'm not even feeling guilty about it! lol We've had a gorgeous day with the temps in the high 70's so it was very pleasant. Great to hear that Beans got her cast put on her arm finally..they waited long enough! That's quite the news story about your tax's a shame when people think they have to bring justice themselves!! xox

Willowtree said...

Too bad he made it look so pre-meditated. If he was a real criminal, he would have made it look like he was surprised by the intruders. Oh well, I'm sure he'll get lots of advice where he'll probably end up.

Seems wrong that he wouldn't be in this mess if those assholes hadn't broke in. (I'm only a part time liberal)

Cindra said...

That is great news for both you and Zach!!!