Wednesday, October 25, 2006

No Rest for the Wicked


I had thoughts of snuggling back down this morning but those were very quickly dashed by the rumbling noises coming from the ancient cotton picker in the 20 acre test plot of cotton that joins us to the south. Normally these experiment guys don't get in much of a hurry to do their farm-ly chores so I guess the threat of rain has put the hitch in their pants today.

Ah well, the living room floor needed vaccuming anyway.

The school Halloween Carnival went off without a hitch and I expect the Athletic Department (AKA the football team) raked in some big bucks over the activities from the past week. I know it lightened my pocketbook a tad. Zach wagged home around 5 lbs of the most useless candy that could be had,,you'd think if they were going to keep the dental association in business, they'd at least make it a family affair and put some good chocolate stuff in there for Nanaws, huh? He also, with the utmost care, (at least as much as an active 9 yr old can care) brought home his prize goldfish. I'm not sure who thought up THAT bright idea for a prize but I'm going to be on the lookout for them and think of appropriate revenge.

Where does one put a goldfish when one is not prepared to adopt a goldfish? Luckily this Nanaw cans her tomatoes every year so Mr. Goldfish spent his first night at his new home in a quart canning jar. Don't laugh, so far it seems that this fishy is the only one that we know of that survived the night, other fishy prize winners have told us that they've been having numerous fish funerals.

Since Jethro (aka Mr. Goldfish) survived his tight confines overnight, we made a side trip to Walmart to buy a fish bowl yesterday, and since no fish bowl was to be had there, we ended up spending $20 bucks on a desktop aquarium home for the little fella. You do the figures, $1 goldfish - $20 goldfish home, we're spoiling him already so he'd better not die or this could get to be a very expensive prize here.

Later on today there's Zach's first appointment with his psycologist. Ya'll wish us luck cause he's hinted that his report card (that they'll be getting today also) is going to be sporting a big, fat, F in Math. This would upset me much more if I didn't know how hard he's worked to do this stuff and how hard I've worked to help him learn it. I hope these folks can help us cause I will surely die of exhaustion and a broken heart if they don't!


Vicki said...

Sounds like you had fun! lol, I remember when I brought home a fish won at a carnival.

Have a great day!

Cal said...

Hope all goes well with the appointment today, Brenda.

Leslie said...

Good luck today, Brenda. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Jethro is as handsome as a fish could be.

jerri said...

NANAW YA KNOW ALEXIS WON 2 OF THEM LIL FELLERS LOL and I put ours into a ziplock container before talking her into taking them out to the pond the cat came in and got one LMAO ok it was not funny to her but I couldn't help but laugh to myself!

mary lou said...

ah yes...the dreaded PRIZE fish. (shudder) I hope the Dr appt goes well.

Virginia Gal said...

Glad to hear life is going well, as well as one can expect, no?

As for the math grade, have hope - I, like Zach, HATE this stuff, but I managed to make a "B" on my first exam!!

Joan said...

Now don't you go dying of exhaustion and a broken heart there Brenda! I will work out.

I really hate it when they give living things away for prizes. I love goldfish. If you have any questions on the care and feeding you just ask!! If the tank has a light in it, don't keep it on all day, it warms up the water and they like cool water...just sayin.

And don't forget to put the little drops of water conditioner in the tank when you change water. It neutralizes the chlorine in the water which kills them.

I am so bossy..heh

mreddie said...

Jethro seems to look a little sad - Zach's grades maybe? ec

Sally said...

I so hope the appointment went well. You're doing the best you can, and so is your little feller! Cute fish; oh man, I remember those days!!

Special K said...

Jethro! Ha ha!

Andie Pandie said...

I went to the county fair when I was little and won a rabbit. Yeah my mom was just thrilled.