Saturday, October 21, 2006

Little Bits and AT&T Still Sucks

This danged dial up is still giving me grief. The lines are so bad out here that early in the mornings I can't even log on because the noise on the lines is so bad. That sucks because lately early mornings are the best times for me to log on for any length.

Now for recent news updates from my spot in the delta.

I'd searched and searched for this photo of Jordan and Jaylen to put in my webshots album and finally found it. Trish gave it to me a couple of months ago and I love it. Jordan and Jaylen are doing exceptionally well in school and aren't giving their momma too awful much grief. (Are they Trisha?) Jordan is about done with the fall softball (I think) and is busy now with youth basketball.

The Chick had a nasty ear infection last week but other than it making her a little cranky, she's been going about business as usual. She takes a dance class on Tuesday afternoons and a tumbling class on Wednesdays. She's at her Auntie Cindy's this weekend so they can go to the State Fair.

Jilly Beans has been sick this week and even stopped eating for a day or two. This is something that makes her Momma worry a lot because this baby really loves some groceries! She came to visit us last night while Jerri and Bubbie went to a ball game and she and Zach had a great time. She discovered (all on her own) how much fun it is to stand on the gliding foot stool for a little dryland surfing even though it puts a few extra gray hairs on her Nanaw's head.

Zach has been busy with homework (which is still giving his Nanaw a major headache) and with the activities his class has to do for the school's Halloween Carnival this week. Thank goodness the carnival is Monday night so our pocketbook will have a rest after that.

MeriKate has been having headaches every day so Jami took her to see the family doctor this week. They did a CAT scan and found there are some problems with her sinses left over from the accident she was in a couple of years ago. They are sending her back to Children's Hospital in Little Rock as soon as an appointment can be set up.

Krysten and Abby are both doing great in school and Abby doesn't even fuss so much about having to go anymore. For awhile there, she was hating the whole idea of school. Krysten is in 2nd grade this year and is already reading at 5th grade level, she loves books.

Our young neighbor, Jessie, came by with a friend last night to show us her Halloween getup. I didn't have a chance to snap a shot of the look on Jillian's face when she saw the girls, but I wish I had.

Tonight the little park/hiking trail nearby is hosting a "haunted trail" for the kiddies in the area to trick-or-treat. Zach is looking forward to it and hopefully I'll be able to snap a few shots of the entertainment. (ha!) Monday night we'll be at the school Halloween carnival and I plan to have a seat at the Bingo game for however long it takes to win a prize. I haven't been lucky enough to in the past but maybe this year's the year! Then, Saturday night, Jessie is having a Halloween party. She always invites all our babies to the event and they're all really looking forward to it.

Well, that's it for now. I hope all is well in your neighborhood this weekend!


Tammy said...

those are some of the prettiest kids I've ever seen...besides my!!
Glad you were able to show us all the pics!!
I hope you are feeling some better...

Phyllis said...

Oh my gosh, Halloween is only 9 days away!! Where is time disappearing to?
I missed you, I have been without my computer for a week!

Mary Lou said...

THose girls are getting so pretty! Trish needs to send pictures more often!

I hope you are survivng having to have James underfoot for awhile. Wanna come to Washington for a visit? THen we can drive up to Calgary before the snow starts flying.

jazzi said...

Not only do you have the cutest grandkids, but somebody is doing a fantastic job of taking their pictures, too! What great shots of everyone!
I'm sorry to hear of your dial-up woes. Around here, if the line is scratchy with lots of noise, we can call the phone company and they'll come and fuss with it. Will they do that for you, maybe?

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Sally said...

The pictures are awesome; the grandkids are cute as ever!! Hope the ones who are struggling with not feeling well, will be better soon! Good for Krysten reading way beyond her years. I love to to hear when little ones enjoy reading. You're a blessed NaNaw, that's for sure..

Cindy Lou Who said...

Alexis was a HOOT at the fair. She had fun and wore us OUT! She gave Uncle Roy a hard time - I think the word he used was SASSY. :) Mom said it is his own fault because he gives her whatever she wants when he is around.
Tell Jami that I HIGHLY recommed Dr. Michael McGee (McGhee) in Benton for MeriKate's woes. I want Sis to take Alexis to him too for her ears. He does practice at Children's but his office is in Benton. He is great. He is the one who was FINALLY able to fix Dallas's sinus problems after years of trying. And he is easy on the eyes wink wink! Dallas keeps telling me she needs a check up.
Will check in on you later tater!

Brent said...

We had the big Halloween shindig last night, which went over well. Now I just need to catch up on my sleep.