Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Project 365-5

I couldn't get this to upload on my photoblog, not sure if it's due to my crappy HughesNet connection or a problem over at photoblog, so I'm posting it here.

Not much else happening around here today except that I wimped/wigged/freaked out whilst they tried to complete an MRI today and no amount of prodding or pleading will ever get me back in one of those things unless I'm totally unconscious! Guess they'll have to go some other route,,,they tell me they have open MRI machines somewhere.

I hope.


Edgar said...

Hello there! It's Edgar from Photoblog-I just had to make a little jaunt over here and take a gander at you photo for the day! All I can say is perfect. I love the way the sunlight casts that warm glow on the trees...it's deceptive considering the weather as of late :-) Is it as cold in Arkansas as it is in Tennessee? 19 degrees right now! BRRR.

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Love the photo !
An MRI can be scary, I just close my eyes before I go in...otherwise the walls are a tad close for comfort.What you can't see cannot bother you !

bermudabluez said...

First off, Brenda, I'm sorry to hear that you need an MRI. Secondly, have you tried the IPOD in the ears and closing the eyes and trying to focus on the IPOD?? Just a thought. I know they don't have many of those open ones!! I do like your pic!!

Donna said...

The photo is Great girl!
When will you get results??
Hope you're getting some rest!!hughugs