Monday, January 04, 2010

Mother Nature is Messing Around

See? Even my big, ol, fake, fat, frog has goosebumps. And a slight dusting of snow between his little froggy eyes. I was all prepared for a leisurely day at home,,,alone,,,and that tiny bit of snow shut down our wimpy school for the day, dammit.

Anyway, the sun broke through off and on, and then mostly on, and I got a pic for the 365 project when I got out of the bed or out from under my blanket for more than a second or two.

The weatherman speaks of more snow to come about mid-week and the frigid temps continue.


Virginia Gal said...

All this freaky weather, effects of Global Warming my friend.

bermudabluez said...

It's below zero right now with the wind chill.....and I'm not likin' it one bit!! So, I can relate. I'd rather stay in my nice warm bed too! Happy New Year!!

Jeanette said...

I can't believe they closed the school for a little dusting of snow! Wimpy is right!! Stay warm, my friend!

SOUL: said...

love the frog :))
they do that here too-- no one knows how to drive in just a snow flake!
i wish they woulda closed school today -- just cuz-- well-- it's just one of those days-- can i go back to bed now?

happy whatever day-
ps-- forgive me if i don't comment on any more 365's -- that is torture on the ole eyes-

PEA said...

Awww, poor froggy with his goosebumps...he'd be frozen solid if he was here! lol We had frigid temps for a while there but today it's a balmy 10F...better than the -6F it was two days ago! Sheesh! That's what I call "stupid" cold.

Wow, I can't believe school would be shut down because of that little bit of snow but I guess when you're not used to it, it would seem hazardous for driving. We drive in blizzards around here! lol xoxo

Donna said...

I bought the SAME frog for my MIL several years ago...he Does look cold! Stay warm girlie!hughugs

Butterfly Gardener said...

We don't have any snow around here (yet), but the cold is certainly making me in a bad mood and its only going to get worse starting tomorrow night. Wishing I could either hibernate or fly south till spring...