Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Chance of Snow and the Undead

The weather forecasters around here are using that S word again for tonight and tomorrow and to add insult to,,,,well,,,insult, they're also predicting an Arctic blast worse than the present Arctic blast we're having.

People in east central Arkansas are spoiled. We may recall that we had freezing temperatures in the teens and single digits that lasted more than a day or two way back a few Winters ago, but we really do tend to put all those nasty doings out of mind during the mostly moderate, mostly bearable, mostly temperate Winters that are par for our courses. We are wimps who don't drive well when frozen precipitation is landing on our roadways and we just plain don't cotton to having cold hands and feet for months at a time.

However, it IS cold and it MIGHT snow or do something icy. I'll take pictures and tell you all about it if it does.

On to another subject,,,

I'm lovin' this Kindle! It's so easy to find and download books and there are loads of reading material to be had too. I downloaded my first book on Christmas day but only started reading it this evening cause I've been trying to finish the latest Cornwell book, The Scarpetta Factor.

Anyway, I've downloaded a book that I think will probably give me more than a few nightmares. I'm reading "Day by Day Armageddon" by JL Bourne. I should have known better cause every Zombie book I've ever read and Zombie movie I've ever seen has given me some wicked weird night terrors. It does no good to be reminded that none of "it" is actually REAL,,, you know how your mind works when it's sleeping and collecting all those random thoughts from your day? Mine normally doesn't do that cause it's mostly thoughtlessly empty, but just let me read or watch a movie about the Undead and it's off to the firing neuron races and I end up awake at 3 a.m. convincing myself that those dogs aren't barking at anything resembling the,,,,undead.

Did I mention that this ebook has a sequel? You know what that means.

Ok, done with the brain twitches.

For day 6 of project 365 you can click here but you don't have to leave a comment. I'll try to put a link to that photoblog on facebook too.

I hope everyone is staying warm!!


jazzi said...

It's already snowing here. And as for the cold... well, it hasn't been above freezing for the past 4 or 5 days, at least.
Since it's the first snowfall, I'm reasonably sure they'll cancel school, they usually do. If only they would cancel my job, too. I would happily stay home!

Donna said...

The cold front is just now hitting us this am...dropping like a rock! Here we go...Stay warm sweetie!! Looking forward to the photos!!
I don't "do" zombies either...Hahaaa...Have a Happy day up there!

Sally said...

Hope you stay warm, Ms Brenda. It's colder here than usual also, but no snow. The wind chill; brrrr.

Enjoy that Kindle; just don't read late at night!! :)

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Stay warm and safe!

Butterfly Gardener said...

I hate the cold too. At least we missed out on the snow this week.

I know the countdown to spring sounds like a long time, but at least there is an end date in sight and we can gradually see the number shrink.

Now don't let the boogers get you during the night!

Hope you stay warm this weekend!

bermudabluez said...

I am loving my Kindle too Brenda! We have been really cold here also...but I know you guys really aren't used to the bitter temps!! Can't believe our heat bill doubled from last Dec. to this one...