Sunday, September 21, 2008

Over many days

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Zach's 5 week report from school. Didn't he do great? Now, if he'll just keep trying and hold on to these grades for 4 more weeks till the end of the first quarter. I'm SO proud of him!!!

Jerri took this picture of the Chick. She had 100/A+ s in every subject on her 5 week report. We're mighty proud of her too!

Krysten has a birthday on Tuesday, she'll be 10 years old. We went to her party yesterday for some delicious ice-cream and cake (I haven't down loaded those photos yet). She looks pretty rough in this picture cause she was home sick with a stomach virus one day last week. Jerri was sweet enough to go pick her up from school for me and stayed with us all day to help.

Here's the Beans again, Jerri took this picture of her wearing the fairy costume she'd made. Isn't it just the sweetest thing? Don't let the looks fool you though, the other day I was sitting at the table watching Jerri do some craft work and Beans wanted to sit in my lap. I told her there wasn't enough room, so she grunted and wiggled her way into my lap anyway while remarking,
"Ya little fat girl!"

Then, later on, once the other girls were home from school, they were all playing nicely behind the recliner when we heard, "I pooted, I pooted, 'mell it?" then a chorus of Ohhhhh No Beans, quit fanning your butt!"

On Saturday those Bamma Crismson Tide players gave our Razorbacks the whoopin of their lives! It was a sad, sad, game to watch.


Nonnie said...

sweet sweet pictures and yeah for all the hard work and happy birthdays!!!!and can't they just say the darndest things?!!!
happy day to you!

Louise said...

That fairy costume is to die for. Maybe Beans is like my Chicklet. We say that it's a good thing she is cute because no one (including us) would like her if she wasn't!

Good for Zach!

Cindra said...

give Zach my congratulations... that shows a lot of hard work.

mreddie said...

Those little blonds in your life are sure cute - both my daughters and both granddaughers were blond when young. I just have a weak spot in my heart (or head) for them. :) ec

Loretta said...

Congratulations to Zach!!! I know you're proud of him. Those gals are beautiful.

bermudabluez said...

YAY for the good grades!! And the blondes are soooo cute! I love the fairy outfit! Great always!

Donna said...

OH!! CONGRATULATIONS ON THE WONDERFUL GRADES!!!! Makes you feel SO Proud!! He's 'gonna do Great this year! Precious pictures Brenda...That Same pooting stuff goes on here as well...hahahaa...Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Phyllis said...

Wow, Congrats to the smart kids! They wouldn't be there without you, Brenda. You are so patient and understanding to those kids!
You are a Saint in my book!

Joan said...

That Beans...just slays fat little girl...haaaaaaaaaaa ha.

Congrats to Zach, a good start to the year for him

Joan said...

oops...little fat girl, but still funny as hell

Kellan said...

Congrats on all the great grades! Darling pictures - love that fairy - so darling!

Take care - Kellan

cassie-b said...

Happy birthday Krysten!!
That little one is funny!

and congratulations to Zach on the good report card!!

Crystal said...

I LOVE THAT PIC OF BEANS!!!! She looks SOOOOOO ADORABLE in the fairy costume!!!!!!!