Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lotsa Stuff

I'm not quite sure what Jerri was yelling here, something about KILL,,, POISON,,, something.

Beans and Jerri came by Friday morning to drink coffee with Nanaw on their way to the Fair for pre-school day and after Beans asked me if I would "go to da fair wif me and watch me ride da rides", I decided to go with them.

I wanted to go anyway to see if our photos got any ribbons. They all got blue ribbons, Zach's too, but no Best of Show this year. We'll just have to work harder on that for next year.

Beans loved the rides, but her Momma wasn't too happy with the one she had to ride on with her.

After we'd done the fair, we stopped and bought the fixings for frito pies and went home and had some while Beans told PopPop all about the fair.

On Saturday I mostly vegged out all morning and had a load of laughs when Special K called me from up there in Alberta, but soon it was time to get out of my pjs and wear clothes so we could go see the Chick and Beans in the pageant at the fair.

Our Beans didn't get a crown and sash but that didn't matter cause she's always a winner in our hearts. The Chick was 2nd runner up and wore her crown proudly on stage but was quick to hand it over when the pageant was over cause she was ready to go on the rides.

This afternoon Jami, Keith, Krysten, and MeriKate came over to eat a bowl of soup with us. Later on James, Jerri, the chicklets, and Abby came by for a little while.

It was a really nice weekend and now Nanaw is all tired out and will soon be ready for the bed. Morning comes early but with it comes the school bus! Yeeeehaaaaaaa!!


mreddie said...

Those young ladies show what cute is all about. This old dude doesn't ride rides anymore - don't want to barf on anybody. :) ec

Louise said...

Beautiful little beauty queens! But I love the first picture with the not-so-happy mommy rider.

cassie-b said...

It sounds like a good (but tiring) day. Congratulations to the girls for their competition. And I hope you all liked da fair and da rides

And congratulations to you and Zach for those blue ribbons.

I'm not fond of those kinds of rides.

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Little beauties!!
Have a good week

moma grits said...

you are WRONG WRONG WRONG nanaw....just wait! I DO have a pic of you in kiddy shades with a cig hanging outta your hands LMAO

Phyllis said...

Do you ever get to sleep in?
Your family sure makes some beautiful children!

Donna said...

Awwww...The girls are Gorgeous!! Ans Congratulations on the ribbons!! What Did get Best of Show???? Your's Should have! Glad you enjoyed the weekend though sweetie!! Happy Rest!!hahaa...hughugs

Kellan said...

What darling girls - congrats to Bean on winning 2nd - she (they) is so beautiful! And congrats on the blue ribbons for the photos - that is great! What a fun time!

Take care - Kellan

Maria said...

Oh yes, I also think the first picture with the not-so-happy mommy rider is most funny!
It reminds me of the times when I went with my two nephews to the Vienna Prater and they could not get enough of these rides. And I rode with them... Was a funny time

Autumn starts here in Middle Europe also in October, November with all those phantastic colours, but September is also often very fresh. But not his year! We still have midsummery temperatures.

Thanks for visiting, have a nice week!

bermudabluez said...

Oh Brenda! I love the pageant pictures!! When my daughter was little, I used to love those recitals....little girls in their cute tutus....oh the memories!! Today I am feeling especially old since it's my 50th birthday. But your blog cheered me up! Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories!!

bermudabluez said...

Oh...forgot to ask...what are frito pies and how do you make them? Fritos are the BEST!

bermudabluez said...

WHAT is the matter with me???? Forgot to congratulate you on the photos!!! Huge heartfelt Congratulations to you!!!

PEA said...

Omigosh, I would have given first place to both girls if I'd been a judge, they're gorgeous! Sounds like the fair was a fun place to be and I had to giggle when I saw Jerri's face on the ride...that's how I'd look like! lol I use to love going on rides when I was younger but now I'd rather watch, thank you very much!!! xoxo

Sally said...

That picture of Jerri cracks me up!! Too funny.

Sounds like an action packed weekend! Both the girls are beautiful; they don't need no judges tellin' them. In fact, all your grandkids are GORGEOUS!!!

Special K said...

The last time I was on one of those crazy rides, I'm sure the entire mid-way thought my friend and I had Tourette's. Try as we might, we couldn't stop screaming lewd and blasphemous abuse for the entire time we were on it, which felt like 200 years.

Those girls are such pretty little things!