Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've been Tagged

Ha! Thanks Miz Donna, I didn't want to work on that tax return just yet. :-)

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. See my children become financially WISE
(I may have to wait on this from my grandchildren)

2. Clean and tidy every room in my house (or have it done)

3. See the western United States

4. Take the ultimate photograph of the moon

5. Get out of debt

6. Drive down through all of the Florida Keys

7. Convince my husband that I'm serious about creamation and NO funeral!

7 Things I Do Now

1. Be constantly entertained by things my grandchildren say or do

2. Blog, when I can think of something to blog about

3. Be disorganized

4. Help and monitor Zach with homework, argue with Zach about cleaning his room, picking up his clothes, cleaning up his messes.

5. Take photos, many, many, many, photos.

6. Cry while watching an especially sad LifeTime movie

7. Cook

7 Things I Can't Do

1. Roll my tongue

2. Work in the garden much any more

3. Make sweets

4. Sleep for more than a few hours at a time at night

5. Shop for anything without getting tired and frustrated

6. Understand how people can want something for nothing

7. Take another long flight

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex

1. Sense of humor

2. The ability to admit when they're wrong

3. smile

4. Security

5. Intellegence

6. Compassion

7. Loves people

7 Things That I Say Most Often

1. Dammit Zach!

2. I love you a bushel and a peck

3. Hush

4. Well shit!

5. Who's that knocking at my door? (I sing that every time I see Jillian coming up on the porch)

6. What was I saying?

7. Get in there and CLEAN your room!

7 Celebrities That I Admire

1. John F. Kennedy (deceased but still alive in the heart of America)

2. Margaret Thatcher

3. Alan Shepard, astronaut

4. Mae West (she was a sensual woman who wasn't afraid to be at a time when it wasn't acceptable)

5. Jimmy Carter

6. Rudolph Giuliani

7. Anne Frank

7 Favorite Foods

1. Kung Pao Chicken

2. Cornbread

3. Cold spam sandwiches (don't laugh)

4. Liver & onions

5. Egg custard

6. home made soup

7. Nacho stuffed baked potatoes

7 People Who Need To Do This

1. Pea

2. louise

3. Mary lou

4. Cindra

5. Jazzi

6. Jerri

7. Brent

I'm having a really rocky, menopausey, day today. My insides feel like a bowl of jello, my right "boom" pains from being too near the steam from that pot of greens yesterday, and I feel as though I will blow at the least bit of provocation. Y'all pray that everyone around here lays low and tiptoes gently.


Donna said...

HahahahaLOL.....cold spam!!! Good girl on the liver and onions!
You better Not blow up!! Tell Mrs Menopause to take a hike! You're too busy for her visit!hahaaa...
Go take some Excedrin, grab a cold drink and go put your feet up! That's an order!!(((HUG)))

Sally said...

We like ALL the same food!

Kellan said...

Well, shit - that's my famous line too!

Take care - Kellan

Just Joni said...

I can so relate to the "What was I saying?"...there's just too many interuptions and whirlwinds of conversation going on atop an already hectic schedule and...what was my point?...that's the other one! Oh, and I love love love egg custard...haven't had it in a very long time, sounds good, think I might have to indulge.

hope your day got better...Donna had some good advice!

Louise said...

Fun one. I think I can do it Tuesday. I might have to copy some of yours, though!