Thursday, May 22, 2008

Quick One

I've only got about 15 minutes before that big, ole, yellow bus comes to discharge the Terrorist and his 3 little sisters but I thought I'd post to say I'm ok.

Frustrated, fed up, flustered, and fog-brained, but ok.

A rants a'brewin though, so ya'll watch out.


jazzi said...

Uh oh. Somebody better find you a Moon Pie, and quick!

Donna said...

I discussed it with Hubby and Crystal and we all agree you can come live with us....but there's children here...LOL...Kick Butt Girl!!Lve 'ya!!!!hughugs

Sally said...

Hey, you just rant whenever you feel like it. We IS here for you!!! OMG, I been hangin' around a 2 yo, can u tell? :)


Crystal said...

hang in there sweet!