Sunday, May 18, 2008


Has anyone seen a box of banana flavored MoonPies? Since not one single person in this house knows where they got off to, I reckon they've grown legs and walked off on their own. If anyone sees a MoonPie resembling the fella above, please let me know and I'll come fetch him.

I broke down and bought a box of this favorite treat of mine on Thursday after avoiding the MoonPie aisle at the supermarket for a whole month. I had a fresh cup of coffee this morning, a little peace and quiet, ( cause Zach and James had gone fishing) and I remembered the box of banana MoonPies that I'd hidden and thought to myself,

"Self, this would be the perfect occasion for one of them there MoonPies"

After Self tore into the cabinet, taking everything out at least twice, did a search of the Terrorist's hidey holes, and looked beside, and under, the man's favorite snacking spot for evidence, Self did a bit of cussing, stomping, and was near tears as she resigned herself to the fact that there would be nary a one tasty MoonPie to be had with her coffee.

I better not find out that those MoonPies went fishing.

Dammit, next time I lose my stamina in the MoonPie aisle, I'm going to buy some mousetraps to guard them with.


Sally said...

You mean you don't drink RC Cola's with them moon pies? I have a feeling they went fishin' with da boys!!

Happy Monday, Ms. Brenda!!

Donna said...

I Second that!! You've got some Smart men in that family!! could always go to the spot where they went fishing and scope it out for errant moon pie wrappers! Evidence is what's needed!!LOL...and if you get desperate, on my blogroll, Rosie Bakes a Peace of Cake, has a recipe for Whoopie Pies that you can convert to banana filling...??LOL...Have fun today sweetie!!hughugs

Crystal said...

OMG!!! I use to LOVELOVELOVE me some moon pies!!! How funny! Hope your having a wonderful week sweet!

Mary Lou said...

I think I would go on strike and not fix ANYTHING to eat until SOMEONE admits taking them...have you smelled their breath?