Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Feeling Like Mrs. Murphy Again

Stuff has just seemed to "happen" these past few days, enough stuff to make me wonder if there's a conspiracy going on specifically in my universe.

The storm happened down on the farms and while James thought they only had 2 pivots turned over on their part of the farms and no hail damage, it turns out there were 3 and there was some hail damage. Stuff like this comes home with him and he gets cranky over little things which makes me cranky about everything.

On Sunday, (yep, Mother's Day) my freezer decided it would be cranky and start thawing out all of the food that was stored in it. We only bought it less than 15 months ago, but wouldn't you know, 15 months is 3 months passed the Sears warranty. We don't buy extended warranties on our appliances because the cost of a couple of years of those would buy a whole new appliance which, from my experience with Sears merchandise over the past 3 years, is probably what's going to occur in this household (repairs on dryer, washer, and now freezer and the oldest appliance is a bit less than 3 yrs old).

Yesterday the phone rang. It was that Sweetie Pie, Special K, calling, it's like she knew my soul needed a good bout of cleansing laughter and I surely do love talking and laughing with her. So we laughed and talked, and talked and laughed, and I was feeling really good until we had to say goodbye when the school bus came and unloaded all our "chillins"

One of the things we laughed about was my bad little cockatiel, Ya-Ya, and I had this little niggling thought in the back of my mind when I heard the school bus pull into the drive as we were saying goodbye, "Hmmm, why didn't Ya-Ya squawk their arrival?" He usually let's me know the bus is on the way when they're a mile down the road.

It got busy for a bit with the kids streaming in strewing homework here and there so I didn't think about my sassy bird again until Zach went into the kitchen and said, "What's wrong with Ya-Ya?" I ran in there and he was laying in the bottom of his cage barely breathing, and could barely open his eyes to look at us. He died a very short time later, and when James came in, he buried him beneath the rose bush for me.

I'm gonna miss my Ya-Ya.

My universe better get aligned here soon folks.


Andie Pandie said...

Oh Brenda, I'm so sorry. :( Gosh losing a pet is one of the worst things to go through. I'm thinking of you today.

Donna said...

Oh Sweetie!! I'm SO Sorry! Such a special little friend!! Sending you Lots of love!!!hughugs

Houston said...

Sorry to hear about Ya-Ya. You gonna get another one?

I keep you in my thoughts and prayers these days what with all the tornadoes tearing up the mid-west.

Stay safe and well.

Joan said...

Geez Brenda, what next? So sorry about your Ya Ya. What ever took him, took him fast. Poor thing.

I was sure hoping you would have good weather today, but I hear you are in for more of the nasty stuff. Stay safe!

Sally said...

Ms. Brenda - I am SO sorry about Ya Ya. Golly, that's sad. I almost feel like I knew him myself. :(

Take care, and I hope things start to look up for you soon. ((HUGS))

cal said...

I'm sorry to hear about Ya-Ya, Brenda. Hope things start looking up for you soon.

Mary Lou said...

WHAT Happened to Ya Ya? Birds like that live forever!! I qam so sorry!!

James, build her a storm cellar PLEASE!!!!

Brent said...

I'm so sorry, too. How awful!! I hope the bad vibes leave ya soon!

bichonpawz said...

Ah, Brenda, I am so very sorry to hear of YaYa's passing. It's so hard to lose a pet. They become very close members of our families. My heart goes out to you.

And, I will try to send some good karma your way too....looks like you are in need of some!!

Crystal said...

Lots of love and hugs for you Brenda. So sorry for your loss.

dabrah said...

Brenda, I'm so sorry to hear about YaYa. You must really miss him, he sounds like he had a lot of character.

I'll be sending you good karma too.

Special K said...

Oh my God! I swear I didn't kill your bird!

I'm sorry, Brenda. :(

Anonymous said...

Sis, I'm sorry about Ya-Ya.

Love and Miss you,