Friday, May 30, 2008

Photo Challenge

Canadian Visitors

"duck grass" ( what we call the algae covering a lake or pond)

River Walk on the Mississippi River at Helena, AR (it was flooded again last week)

Dabrah is the challenge host this time and she chose "liquid" for her challenge topic. We've had so much rain this month that I chose to take advantage of some of it for my entries. Be sure to click to enlarge for an bigger view.

Dabrah's other challengers are






Be sure to click on their links and go by and have a look at their creativity in this challenge.
Debrah mentions on her blog that Nita will be hosting and choosing the subject for the next challenge so be sure to visit her blog to see what's coming up next and please join us!


Sally said...

You go girl!! WOW, love your pictures! You have such a great imagination, and always take great photo's!!

I was lazy, and didn't even leave the house. :)

Donna said...

How Beautiful!!!! What a walk that would Be!! And those ducks...You must be like Have to be carrying your camera With you all the time to get such neat shots!! Happy Key hunting for the next challenge!!!hughugs

Brenda said...

Your imagination is pretty darned good too Miz Sally.

I do carry my camera everywhere with me Miz Donna, I feel naked if I accidently leave it at home (or inside if I'm outdoors).

Crystal said...

Cool pictures Miz Brenda!

Brenda said...

Thank you kindly Miz Crystal!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the ducks and boy it looks like you have had a lot of rain. It'll help everything grow right?

dabrah said...

Hi Brenda

I love the picture of your Canadian visitors. And the other two are also amazing. I particularly like the last one. That walkway over the water just appeals to me.

Brenda said...

Thank you Jeanne. It was a rare sight to see Canadian geese around here in the late spring. We were really surprised to see them swimming along. We normally only see them in winter this far south.

That walkway normally doesn't have water under it Dabrah, it leads out to the bank of the Mississippi River but the river has flooded twice already this spring so there's water where there normally isn't. Hopefully it'll be back in it's banks soon. There are lovely spots to sit and enjoy the view on the walkway and it's nice if the mosquitoes aren't being vicious.

bichonpawz said...

I love your photo challenges too Brenda! Do you ever get tired of the flooding? It seems like you have had alot of that lately. We here in NY are WAY behind in the rain department!!

Brenda said...

We'd be delighted for you to join in

We're 9 inches above normal in rain fall this year but it's for the first time in years. We've been dry, dry. Really, the flooding doesn't affect us because there's this huge levee system along the Mississippi River here. It's only where the distance from the river bank and the levees is covered with thousands of acres of farm ground where it's doing a lot of damage. Folks that live where there are few or no levees (along the White River, the Arkansas River, etc,) are losing their homes.