Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Piddling around

The school bus arrived early today to discharge the Terrorist and these two little Munchkins. Tomorrow is their last day of school and they'll be home before noon.

The wheat is almost ready to harvest in the field in front of my house. Soon the country peace will be interrupted by the sounds of combines, tractors, and trailer trucks. After it's been cut they'll plant soybeans as a second crop.

I hope everyone is having a super day!

P.S. Y'all don't forget the Photo Challenge that's going on Friday over at Dabrah's blog. She's the hostess this go-round and her challenge choice she chose "liquid". Get your cameras out and get to shootin. YOU too Miz Sally!


bichonpawz said...

Oh, what a beautiful view of that wheat! Bet you're really lookin' forward to school getting out!

Sally said...

Those kids are just the cutest!! You make me want to live in the country, Ms. Brenda!!

Are you going to be keeping all the kids during the summer? I can't remember - sorry, my mind is gone tonight. :)

Crystal said...

LOVE the pics Miz Brenda!! Sam starts half days today and Friday she gets out at 9:30. William has regular days until Friday. They are totally excited about summer starting!! Have a wonderful day;o)

Sally said...

I heard that!! hahahahaha

Donna said...

How Neat!!! Reminds me of sitting on the back porch with Mama and my sister, chucking corn....Thanks Miz Brenda....hughugs

cassie-b said...

I can hardly believe it's summer again! Time flies.

Have a good summer. Enjoy those homeworkless evenings.


Pisser said...

Oooh! it's always so purty in here!