Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday, already?

Just sitting here thinking before I start the day.

Zach will go to school today, half a day tomorrow, and then he's out for Easter and Spring Break until March 31st. (I expect I'll be looking forward to the 31st along about the 24th.) The only thing we have planned is to go to Little Rock and spend a few days with Trish and the girls late next week, that'll be fun because the cousins get along good and I enjoy the visitin. Jordan and Jaylen will have a couple of softball practices while we're there so we'll get to watch.

My son was promoted to Lieutenant in March and began his new job at the prison over the Dog Kennels. He and his crew have been practicing all winter for the 2008 Southern States Manhunt Field Trials that were held last week. I think they ended up doing well in all of the events, even taking second place in the multi-leash event.

I had to laugh when Jerri called me after their first night run, Bubbie's horse got stuck in the mud,,, up to her belly, and the rest of his team had to go on without him. I bet even the dogs were laughing about that, but his horse probably wasn't.

I have a pretty full day lined up today because I've been homebound waiting for HughesNet for over two weeks. I have to go to pay the bills for the Improvement District, do their banking and some of my own, go all the way over into Helena to get the tags for my truck (slapping head for forgetting to do this online two weeks ago), contact a tax client by phone for a corrected birthday (efiles won't go through if the birthday and name doesn't match what the S.S. administration has), and start weeding through a box full of stuff in order to start another tax return.

I guess I'd better get started,,,geez I hate having to get dressed to go out in public.

Have a great day!


Sally said...

Congrats to Bubbie!! You sure have a busy day. I, for one, after two days of celebrating my birthday am whipped. I wish they'd just forget, especially since Patti thought I was SIXTY NINE! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I can see it all....the dogs are still it to you to make me laugh. I always looked forward to your letters when I was in Lafayette. I knew there would be something to laugh about from you. Our family just ain't right. Love you and miss you.


Crystal said...

ROFLMAO< LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!! GIRL!! As soon as I came over to your blog to read your post...I looked up and saw the blog picture and nearly fell outta ma chair!!! I LOVE IT!!LOLOLOL!!! AHEM!!! I like the knew look!!! Now...I must go back to the beginning and READ TODAY'S POST;o)

Donna said...

I'm with you...If I didn't have to get dressed...I Wouldn't!! Poor horse!!! And Congratulations to Son!!! Have a Happy night girl!!hughugs

Mary Lou said...

Are you staying dry out there Ms Brenda? Sounds awful from here.