Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm tired of Quickies

But I reckon this'll be another one. Tech support FINALLY called back yesterday, after I'd called Bumf******egypt again, to ask if I'd prefer them to arrive TUESDAY morning or afternoon. I sarcastically told them that I sure hoped they meant Thursday and not Tuesday.

They didn't.

Sometimes it sucks being me, but it totally sucks being me without a decent internet connection!

Zach and I went to see the doc on Tuesday. He increased the dosage on his meds so I kept him home yesterday to see if he'd be alright with the increase. I have to go back today for an ultrasound (he first said CT scan but I told him unless they were offering them at a 70% reduction, one of those wasn't in my budget!) It's made me so nervous that I really don't want to talk about it until after I've seen him today. If it's only old Arthur, like I've been thinking it is, I am going to chew on him awhile for scaring the hell outta me.


Donna said...

Sweetheart? You're fine!!! Let us Know!!!!

Crystal said...

Girl, all will be well. With the medical stuff AND the computer problems. Sending LOTS of love and warm hugs your way;o)

3happy campers said...

Hey Bren! Don't know if you remember me or not (Wanda) but I wanted to stop by say "Hello" and invite you to stop by over at our new blog.
Being without internet sucks. Jeff's computer crashed last week and we had to share the laptop for a few days. I never realized how much time I spent online!!

Brent said...

There is nothing worse than being a blogger without a good internet connection. It's almost a sexual thing! Heehee!