Monday, March 17, 2008

Still Down and Still Raging

Dawn of day 18 and still waiting for HughesNet to do satellite repairs. While sitting at home waiting for these people who say they're coming but never arrive, I've learned a thing or two that they don't tell you when they sell you their equipment and services.

Their warrenty doesn't mean speedy repair service unless it can be repaired by phone with instructions from poor customer support with poor English skills from somewhere over in Asia. Their FAQ states that if you aren't paying a minimum of $5.99 extra per month, you should expect repairs to take 7 to 10 days, the $5.99 fee entitles you to service within 3 to 5 days.

The FAQ said nothing about days 11(which is the first date they didn't show up) through 18. I wonder why?

The FAQ also says nothing about having to deal with all the lies from these folks that Hughesnet contracts with to do the repairs.

I did a google search for other satellite broadband services available but apparently, even after you purchase the HughesNet equipment for around $600, and they install it, you find out the first time you have problems that if you cancel their services, you must pay a fee of $200 to $300 to buy out your contract. If you mention that you haven't seen a contract and didn't sign a contract their reply is to look on the installation form that you signed. Down near the bottom is a little check mark beside a sentence written in teeny, tiny print that states you understand the HughesNet terms of service that their representative has explained to you. Doesn't matter that their representative does not mention these "terms of service" when he hands you his clipboard and says to "please sign my work order."

Why would you have to sign a contract if you've purchased the equipment, you ask? I figure it's because otherwise, anyone with any sense, would immediately stop using the services that HughesNet advertises but doesn't provide.

So, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place because in this great country of ours, they still let people like this give consumers a screwing on a daily basis.

I'm seriously considering filing a suit in small claims court for the time spent waiting for these repair people that never show and for breach of contract by HughesNet. I sent a complaint to the BBB in their state last fall, and that's how I was finally able to get above dial-up speeds (although that took 8 or 9 weeks). I plan to file another complaint with them about this instance. There's not much else that can be done.

Ya'll just wait until you see the new header I made concerning my trials and tribulations with these lying fools.

Ok, enough bitching about that for now.

After looking for 6 years, I finally found a couch on Saturday! It's not spectacular or anything but I think it's what I've been looking for. James removed the 40 yr old monster that we've been using and they're supposed to deliver the new one sometime today. Since I was in a shopping mood, we also bought a new recliner for James, and a new table and chairs for the dining room.
I'll post photos as soon as I can (and you know why it's taking so long!)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!


Sally said...

WOOHOO, new furniture; good for you Ms. Brenda. Can't wait for a look-see although, as you said, it may be a while. What you're going through with Hughesnet is outlandish; you bitch all you want, and hey, they should know better than to mess with you. I think you should take em down, report them to every agency out there. (HUGS)

Donna said...

Can you call an attorney and have them send an official letter out to hughs net? Like a Warning letter??? Geez Girl! Not Fun!!
Glad about the sofa!! Now grab a book and get busy unwinding!!lolol..hughugs

Joan said...

I can't wait to see your new furniture!! Mine needs to be replaced desperately.

Sure hope you get your high speed fixed soon.... shame on them!

Cal said...

Nothing more frustrating than trying to get a company to do what it should be doing. Hope something makes them do their job.

cassie-b said...

Sounds like a good shopping trip. I'll be looking forward to some pictures.

I think these people and people like them need to be sued. You're paying good money for their service, and just see how quickly they give you a refund for the days you were without service. It's hardly fair.

jazzi said...

Geez, Brenda, this is frickin' ridiculous! Makes me want to come down there and kick butt with you! And what really bites is that there's not much you can do, from the sound of it. I wonder if it's legal to tape record phone conversations...

bermudabluez said...

Sounds like you are doing all you can on the high speed internet thing....definitely give the BBB another call or note. New furniture! How exciting!! Look forward to seeing the pics...someday!

Crystal said...

Nothing like shopping to take your mind off of the other stuff for a while! Can't wait to see the pictures;) Hope your day goes well today sweet! One way or another everything will all work out. (((HUGS)));o)

Anonymous said...

They don't have time for the little folks because they service the WalMarts first. When you go to Wally world next time, check out what sat they are using. There you go. It sucks to be us....

Love ya,