Monday, January 07, 2008

My vote for "CheneyCare"

I am one of the 50,000,000 Americans without health care coverage. I have no way to seek medical care in this nation. No government program will cover me, and there is no private insurance available to me that I can afford.

Guaranteed medical care, at a cost we can afford, is a right that we, as American taxpayers, deserve, yet do you realize that many of the presidential candidates actually believe that a high percentage of those without health insurance can afford the coverage and just choose not to buy it? They also believe that if you are lucky enough to have coverage, that you'll receive the medical treatments/drugs that you need.

It's so easy to ignore this problem if you are an American that the health care crisis hasn't affected yet due to having decent health insurance coverage through your job, but you're next. Companies are struggling with the huge cost increases for premiums and many are no longer able to foot the bill for their employees. Also, if you've never had a serious medical problem you're going to find out that many times the insurance company will deny coverage or only pay for mediocre care, or should they pay up, drop you as a high risk at renewal time.

I want "CheneyCare", I already pay for what he has, is my life not worth the same?

I'm casting my vote for John Edwards.
Nuff said.


Tammy said...

Here is to your continued health. I hope you never need to use any insurance and stay fit and healthy!

Sally said...

I'm going to read up on John Edwards views about this. My mind got so boggled watching those debates, I actually can't remember what each on said. I'm sorry you don't have health care coverage; that's a very scary thought.

But, I will say this Ms. Brenda, even those of us who have it a lot of times have to really struggle to make up the differences. It's an ongoing problem nationwide, as you know, and has rapidly declined. Another problem with no insurance - if you're without, you're charged more than if you had it. An example someone I know recently. His hospital bill was $60,000.00. His insurance paid $12K. Had he not have insurance, he would have been liable for $60K. So, in essence, in my opinion the uninsured IF they pay make up the difference for say the $48,000.00 the insurance didn't pay in the case I mentioned.

Special K said...

Our system in Canada isn't without its flaws, but what goes on south of the border is an absolute disgrace. Health care isn't a frigging luxury, for God's sake, and it shouldn't be treated as one.

Anonymous said...

I to will vote for John Edwards!! My husband is an owner operator truck driver. We had ins. for years, but then ended up paying Cobra as long as possible, now we have no ins. His medicine is over $500 a month. He went to the Dr last Thursday and had to pay $85 to see him (its 54 if the ins pays it). Lab work was $190. That is hard to come by if they want you back every three months. I hope whoever gets in does something!!Guess i will keep my fingers crosed.


Donna said...

You better stay well girl! I think I'm voting for Johnny Depp...WHAT??? LOL NIght sweetie.

Cindra said...

I know what you are talking about. My younger brother, thank God, is on Mercy care in Arizona. When he was ill this past year his medical bills would have bankrupt us.
My father's illness did bankrupt my mother and they had medicare.

Be careful of Edwards. Those folks that know him well in North Carolina say he is a sweet faced sleeze bag. I'm not sure any of them have the answer or can get it corrected... and why should they? It's not their problem. They all have the Golden Parachute. Not only is their health care prime, but so is their retirement. I think that whole picture needs to be changed.

One last thing. The illegals in this country are getting good medical care and we're paying for it. You, Miz Brenda, me and everyone else. Why can they get free care and you can't?

jazzi said...

I understand completely, Brenda. We spent time without insurance. I was lucky enough to get the job I have now that has insurance coverage, but it won't be long and our youngest won't be covered. What will he do then to pay for his meds? Or anything else?
The politicians need to WAKE UP.

AndiePandie said...

Been there, I didn't have any insurance until I got it myself once I was out of the house and on my own. My parents couldn't afford it. And when my dad was sick, they had a little through my mom's work (that she had to pay $800 something a month for) and their medicare didn't cover anything. It's a scary situation. I would love it for this to get changed and for universal healthcare to exist. However too many people are of the mind set, "I don't want the government being responsible for my health!" Which wouldn't be the case and no more than they are now. Or they think, "Why should I pay for some homeless/illegal/poor person's healthcare? Have them get a job and pay for it themselves!" People need to get over themselves and realize that everyone needs healthcare.

Angela said...

Watch out for Edwards. He's a dirty lawyer who screwed folks in North Carolina. Have family that lived there when he did his dirty little deeds. Just sayin:-).

Crystal said...

They make it to where you can barely afford it! At one point after my divorce I had none as well, I couldn't afford a 700 dollar a month plan making 8 dollars an hour and trying to raise 2 kids at the same time. Luckly, the kids were covered by Medicaid so I felt a little better not having it myself. They were more important.

Now that I can afford's robberery, I tell you! The goverment and doctors stay on our bums about staying/being/getting healthy but charge out the wazzuh to get us that way! Girl, don't get my blood up on health care!LOL!

Have a good evening sweet!!;0)

Mary Lou said...

I agree. I had GREAT insurance when I was working, but it changed when I retired and now I spend all my spare change filling the gap between what Insurance pays and what I owe! ALL americans should have guaranteed health care! REGARDLESS of income. but until we crack down on lobbyists paying off politicians and being paid by the drug companies, we are stuck!

Houston said...

Hey sugah,

A couple of your commenters are guilty of vicious gossip. They have suggested that John Edwards is not an honorable person without saying why, only attributing their purported knowledge as coming from others who have reason to know better.

John Edwards is an honorable man. Cindra and Angela, tell me why you're for whomever you are for. Don't slur someone you don't know. That's vicious gossip. I bet you think everyone who files a lawsuit is a lying cheat. I also bet you're Republicans.

Listen carefully to all of the candidates, and make your decisions based on positive reasons. Vote "FOR" someone and not AGAINST someone. Vote your hopes and dreams, not your fears.

I've been for Edwards up until tonight. I still like him, but I'm not as sure I'll vote for him on Feb. 5th. Maybe. Right now, I'm in the Undecided column.

Obama gave the best speech of the night. I especially liked that he reminded everyone that all of the candidates are good and honorable people, Republicans and Democrats. We all need to remember that.

Virginia Gal said...

Rock on Brenda - I totally agree with you (being one of the millions without health insurance as well). And I'm so glad you are on board with Edwards, I really like him and still have hope that he can be a viable candidate!

Anonymous said...

I followed a comment to read your page. I hope things do turn around for you. Arkansas is a swing state. I would vote BLUE. There's no chance of getting better health care under Republicans. I live in Mississippi and I finally realized this. They all talk a good game, but only a Democrat is going to give us HealthCare we deserve. So vote Blue. Your vote counts. It's a shame how people are treated.

Angela said...
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