Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day Is Done,,,,almost

The baddest weather missed us I think but I didn't risk driving to Helena for Zach's Tah Kwon Do cause I didn't want to get stuck there in case something icy or white decided to stick. It sleeted and snowed off and on all day but it was mixed with rain and the temps stayed just a frog's hair above freezing so nothing but wet was on the ground.

I wish I had the gumption to go have a talk with that groundhog critter, I'll tell him that 6 more weeks of winter would not be a good thing this year. It's past time for James to be doing some form of farming because he's past getting on my nerves, I'm ready to tie him up with duct tape, hide him in the closet, and put that remote somewhere that never sees the sun.

I saw the farm owner in town the other day and he must have noticed the wild look in my eye cause he waved real quick and hurried back to his truck. He gives his farm managers WAY too much time to aggravate their spouses in the winter time.

I haven't seen an entire LifeTime movie on, what he calls, the vagina channel since sometime in November! And I don't think I can keep from losing all means of control if I have to listen to, or view, even one more John Wayne western.

We picked up Jilly Beans while we were in town today so she can spend the night with us. The very first thing she wanted to talk about was the new baby mice they had! Remember Jerri's email that I posted a bit ago, about the little house mouse who had gotten into the tame mice's cage, and how they were fighting? Well, apparently they weren't fighting.

Also, the little house mouse isn't a very responsible little house mouse because as soon as he did the deed/or deeds, he managed to get back out of the cage and disappear, of course he left no means of support for this little offspring-to-be. James said he never knew a tame mouse would mate with a wild one,,,well,,,there ya go bud, you know now.

Well,,,the Beans sacked out a little while ago and Nanaw won't be too far behind her. I hope she leaves me some room in the bed!

Hope ya'll had a fine day!


bermudabluez said...

I SO know what you mean about the spouse getting on your last nerve. Oh BOY do I know what you mean. And the winter weather is headed this way. Just back from my blizzard shopping! All set to stay inside for the next week if I have to!! Have a great day!

jazzi said...

All the snow saved up to come stay at my house! We've got 5 inches so far, and it's still coming down. It's not much for folks in some areas, but around here, all the schools are closed, and the road crews have been out all night.

Sally said...

So, ol James is gettin' on your nerves? Why am I not surprised? hahaha

Anonymous said...

You need to bargain for TV Time and tell the DH to play solitaire! Laughing. This weather is awful and everyone in DeSoto County has the flu! I am still not over it.

But it's February. A short month and then MARCH! I am counting the days!

Andie Pandie said...

Whatever channel he likes to watch you should call it the small cock channel. heh But I'm like that.

Ohhh once those mice are bigger, if she's going to keep them she needs more cages. Or else there's going to be a load more babies around.

Tammy said...

I thought we had "missed" the snow but it just started big time about 30 min. ago...arggggg!!

Virginia Gal said...

Yes you can never trust a wild mouse to take care of his offspring (shaking head).

ps - Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite films as well, bound to make me cry every time (even when I know what is going to happen) that and Fried Green Tomatoes.

Crystal said...

I'm really not laughing..ahem..really;o) The vagina channel INDEED!LOL! Have a good weekend sweet!!

Donna said...

O My Word!!! Gads,(wipeing eyes) I just need to set a box of tissue here by the computer...LOLOLOLOL....

Sally said...

I can't comment on your most recent post, and can't see the slideshow - it says IE error. Don't know if it's my computer or what. Just wanted you to know I tried. Will try again later.

Anonymous said...

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