Saturday, January 19, 2008

Boys and Their Toys

Zach isn't usually receptive about doing chores around here, but surprisingly, when I asked him if he'd vacuum this morning, he jumped right on it. I noticed it was taking him quite a long time so I started watching him.

He adjusted the vacuum for the floor type, then he took out the duster attachment and dusted the vacuum. He pushed the vacuum around the living room floor for a bit and then he had to stop and use all the attachments. If there was a button, he pushed it, a lever, he pulled it. He emptied the bagless container and dusted it out, he fiddled with the filters.

Then I figured out what was going on with this child who's probably going to be world famous one day for being able to procrastinate about anything remotely resembling work. It's a new vacuum! It's got to be taken apart just to see how it works and if it can be put back together.

Is this a man/boy/male child thing? Has anyone else noticed this about the men/boys/male babies in their lives? Do you have pieces of "things" in the toy box/closet/basement/garage that were once whole? Do you dare throw any of these "things" away, or do you have to butt heads because "they know what that goes on/to and they're planning to fix it"? Do you see their eyes glaze over and a wild, wanting, look appear on their faces when there's a new tool, toy, motor, for them to put their hands on? Is that dangling thing on their Y chromosome what makes them do these things?

James has mostly grown out of this need but my son and grandson are still at it. I remember, back a few years ago, Jerri was a tad upset because Bubbie had taken a motor off of some piece of household equipment so he could put it on his remote control car. He wanted to see if he could make it go faster. I think he blew it up.

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday. I'm preparing myself, mentally, to take 3 boys to the movies and McDonald's tonight. Wish me luck!


Tammy said...

My own son did not do this but my son in law made up for it in spades...sometimes that boy/man worries me...LOL!

I have to say he is right handy when you need him and I could have used him this week instead of that repair man that charged me $113!!

Sally said...

hahaha Just face it, Brenda, men are wierd. :)

Have fun at the movies!

Mary Lou said...

My daughter gave me a lighted crochet hook for Christmas, so I can see better on dark wool. Bob said wow NEAT, and 30 seconds after I handed it to him he had it taken apart, COMPLETELY! but at least he can put things back together again too. My brother was that way, and still is to a degree, but my son nor my husband did not get that gene. (whew)

I also have know several boys zachs age who LOVE to vaccuum!! go figure.

Crystal said...

LOL! My son does that!! He has always had a thing for the vacuum. And yes, he even has to take things apart to see how it works and almost always I have to put it back together to make it turn back on...Have a good one!!

Donna said...

3 boys, popcorn, drinks and a movie!! lol Sounds fun! Our William LOVES to vaccuum!!

bermudabluez said...

I had a girl. So, I don't get the whole....boy thing!! Good luck!

Attila The Mom said...

Oh yeah---they just got to take everything apart don't they? LOL

cassie-b said...

I hope the movies and the three boys mixed well, and that all of you and the people around you all had a good time.

My son was 1 1/2 when he took his first toy apart. He saw his Dad put a battery in a "Hess Truck" model, and at that had to locate the battery and take the rest of the truck apart as well


Brent said...

I hope all went well at the movies and Mickey D's!!
When I was about 7 my mom bought a new sewing machine. The 2nd day it was in the house I had it laying in pieces in the basement. They never did get it back together!!

david mcmahon said...

Yep, I'm a Dad and I agree with you. Us boys' eyes DO glaze over as we take things apart!

But there's one thing I'd never dismantle - my camera. It goes everywhere with me, which is why I post daily pictures on my blog!