Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Who Knows Where This Day Will Go

Yesterday Zach didn't take his dosage of ADHD meds when he was supposed to and by noon I knew, without a doubt, that it was going to be a long day. It was too late for him to take it by then so he spent the day bouncing off the walls. He couldn't even watch TV without singing, or barking, or making these brain numbing little squeeling noises, we were both wrecks by nightfall.

I think my wreckage has carried over to today as well. A few minutes ago, I got his meds out of the bottle to give to him, walked into the living room, sat down, put them in my mouth and chased them with a swig of Diet Dr. Pepper,,,, 3 seconds later I thought, "WHAT DID I JUST DO?"

I think it's going to be another long day.


Mary Lou said...


Bet you have a nice relaxed day, while Zach tears the outlets off the walls, and anything else he can unscrew!

"Early Bird" said...

OH NO!!!
Let us know how you did!!

Joan said...

Wake up Brenda!! I can hear you snoring from here.

Anonymous said...

That is funny. I did that once with Megan's and had a pretty smooth day. When I called and ask the doc what it was going to do to me, he laughed and when he had composed himself, said that I should have been put on the meds years ago. I just deal with my ADD, because they didn't have meds years ago when I was a child.

Attila The Mom said...


I'm sorry, I can't help myself.

If it gets to be too late and he's forgotten his meds, give him a really really REALLY strong cup of coffee (with plenty of milk and sugar).

Sometimes it helps in a pinch.