Friday, June 15, 2007

Fishing Again

The Terrorist wanted to go fishing yesterday, so being the contriving Nanaw that I am, I bribed him into doing his chores by using his desire to go into the wilderness as a lure. It worked this time since I was the only available adult with driving license and a ride to take him down to the nearest lake.
He spent 1 hour getting his hook, line, sinker, and bobber just right on his rod and reel and then spent a whole 25 minutes on vacuuming the living room, taking out the trash, and putting his clean laundry away. (that reminds me, I'd better check to be sure his laundry went in a drawer and not in the bottom of his closet where it usually ends up).
So, he had a lovely afternoon where he was able to drown about 50 crickets without ever actually getting a fish to the bank, and I spent the time fighting flies and skeeters while reading and taking a few photos.


"Early Bird" said...

That would be me...reading and swatting at the!!
Can't wait to see your photos!

Attila The Mom said...

You know, you take the most fabulous pictures. Why aren't you making a fortune off of photography??

Cindra said...

That's a great shot of the terrorist. I am always happiest when my fishermen and hunters come home without any victims... is that bad?

Sally said...

Now, that's a picture I'd love to have in my home. Gorgeous, and so perfect! The scenery and the beautiful boy. Wow!!

mreddie said...

Hopefully he appreciated your effort of taking him to drown crickets. :) That looks like some fairly large cypress knees at his fishing spot. ec