Friday, June 29, 2007

What's News,,,,Really?

Bidding War for Paris Hilton's Garbage?

The only reasoning I can find for this foolishness would be for her to be throwing away full course dinners and for the dumpster divers to be using the ebay funds for them to feed the less fortunate.

I really don't care that she went to jail, got out of jail, or if she claims to have a really big heart. Get over Paris and put some real news out there.

Scott Peterson's former mistress opens a day spa?

Uh,,,,So? It's all good that she was a major player in the conviction of that vile murdering bastard, but really?

Vasectomy Not Returnable Says Court

I guess I'd be pretty upset too, but upset enough that I'd want to make headlines about how stupid I was?

Judge Makes Ruling In Missing Pants Case

Now this is Good News, although I reckon it's not anywhere near Headliner material. I liked the part where the judge hearing the judge's case is making him pay the court costs for the victims of this outrageous lawsuit. If you needed more proof about the number of absolute idiots who are running around in D.C.,, there you go.

Sharpton & Jackson To Visit West Memphis

You know right off that any Headline including these two names means there's a stink to be stirred.

Tragically, a 12 year old boy was shot in West Memphis last Friday night. He and his cousin were out and about on the streets in West Memphis, AR, at 10:30 p.m. The child had a toy gun and the officer thought it was real. Horrible, horrible thing to happen and I'm certain, beyond a doubt, that the officer is doing some major emotional suffering over this incident.

Little is known about the officer because there have been so many death threats that they can't even release his name. Rightfully, the State Police and FBI have been brought in for this investigation, but Sharpton and Jackson seem to think their input is needed,,,the pot has to be stirred ya know?

I wouldn't even walk my dog in most of the areas in West Memphis after dark so I have to wonder why on earth these boy's parents would allow them to.

Vote for America's Best Bathroom.

I don't know how this item got in here or why the headline got my attention but it could be a fine ending to a crappy news update.

Go ahead, you know you want to click on the link to see what's up.


Cindra said...

I'm with you on Paris and her parents should get some type of counseling help. They are a mess!

That is a shame about that young boy, but what was he thinking? I don't blame the policeman. Sharpton and Jackson? That is a mess.

I'm going to pass on the vote.

jazzi said...

That business with the pants is too much. And I was so happy to hear about the newscaster that refused to do a report on Paris Hilton.

Whispering Hope said...

This is so wierd - now, I'm able to comment, and it came up entirely different.

Paris, PLEASE. The sad thing is, I betcha a whole lot of young women will be naming their kids after her now.

Oh, I had to look at the bathroom; you knew I would! Hope you're having a good weekend, Ms. Brenda.

Attila The Mom said...

I'm with you! Arrrgggghhhh!

PEA said...

Isn't it ridiculous what makes the news headlines? Pitiful! I had to laugh at Paris Hilton's interview with Larry King...she mentioned how she read the bible while in her cell and how all the proverbs mean so much to her now...he asked her to quote one of her favourites...she looked away and said I don't have a favourite. Hmmmm, funny she couldn't even quote one! lol xox