Saturday, June 09, 2007

Kid's Fishing Rodeo

Up early and to the lake for the kiddies to fish for prizes. They didn't catch a bunch of fish but every one of them caught A fish. We sure had some tired kids after it was over and Nanaw crashed for a 2 hour nap when she got home.

The Chick fell and skinned her shin so she marched up to the ambulance, that was standing by for alligator or shark bites, or fish hook punctures, and told them she didn't need to go to the hospital but she sure needed a bandaid for her booboo. They didn't have bandaids so they made do with some gauze and tape. It sure made that booboo feel better!


Phyllis said...

No bandaides? SHeesh.
Who caught the biggest fish?

Susan said...

I love that teeny little fish! Did she take it home for the frying pan!

Brenda said...

Phyllis I'd never heard of such either, but could be she asked for a "Dora" bandaide. Ha!

Zach caught the biggest, little fish of our crew and someone STOLE it and his stringer. He was plenty upset.

Susan I hope NOT! If she did manage to bring it home it's probably in my truck somewhere and you know what that means in this 90 degree weather.

"Early Bird" said...

What a neat idea...I've heard of these but never knew any children that went to one...
So sorry it tuckered you out...I hope you get some good rest today!