Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We Made It!

Well, I almost made it through an overnighter with Jilly Beans without doing any major damage. I did almost everything right, I gave her the meds on time, was able to change her diapers without her raising too much fuss because I was taking too long, and we made it to bed at a decent time and slept the night through. The only little problem we encountered was when she went into Zach's room to play and closed the door. The same door that, unknown to me, Zach had mostly disassembled the door knob on, by working on it with a screw driver. I knew the doorknob was shakey and rattled a bit, but I did NOT know that if you closed it, it COULD NOT be opened from the hallway.

THAT caused a major moment of panic, I swear. (And swear I did).

I finally was able to take a screw driver and slide it between the door frame and the lock thingy and pop the door open but I had a back-up plan to try to climb through the window if that had failed.
Jillian was patiently sitting in the floor playing with Zach's Yugio cards when I got in. My heart beat returned to normal after about a half hour or so.

I hope Jerri will trust me with her babies again.

Since only Zach, James, and I will have a quick lunch here tomorrow before he goes hunting and Zach and I go to Jerri's, our menu is not as large as it's been in past years. Jerri, Trish, and Jami have been cooking up a storm over at Jerri's so I'll let you know what they had after I've sampled some of it.

Thanksgiving Menu:

Turkey Breast (she's all done and cooling so she can spend the night in the fridge, I'll warm her before lunch tomorrow).

Ham (large, bone in, paper wrapped, cured ham, the only kind I really, really, like)

Cornbread dressing

Mashed taters and gravy

Broccoli casserole

Tossed Salad

bread rolls

Pumpkin and coconut cream pies

Happy Turkey Day!!


Cindra said...

You are a fabulous grandma! Jillian knows that and that is why she was so calmly waiting for you to open the door. She knew you would get it.
Can I come to your house for dinner...sounds so good!

Brent said...

Brenda, have a superb Turkey Day!! I'm sending vibes your way!

Special K said...

Oh man, you've made me drool.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweetheart.

cassie-b said...

Your house seems to always have some kind of excitement!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
Your menu sounds terrific

PEA said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Brenda!! Your menu sounds delicious...yummmm! Oh dear, I can imagine the panic you were in when you couldn't open the door to Zach's room...I'm glad these things don't just happen to me! lol

Leslie said...

Sounds absolutely delicious; the kind of dinner that calls for a nice nap afterward, then another little taste later on.

I think Santa needs to bring Zach a new foolproof doorknob for Christmas ;)

Mary Lou said...

Must be time to take the screwdriver away from Zach. Didnt he do a number on the electric outlets too?
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Brenda. Be sure you take lots and lots of pictures of all your chicks together

Phyllis said...

Never a dull moment, is there?
Happy Thanksgiving!
Enjoy the day by counting your blessings!!

Cal said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Brenda.

Andie Pandie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Brenda! Big smooches! :)

Sally said...

That's my favorite ham also! YUM...

Jillian's 'lock in' reminded me of the time my mom locked herself out of the house when Patti was a baby. She actually did have to climb in through a window!

Enjoy your time with all the kids!!