Sunday, November 05, 2006

Razorbacks Get No Respect!

I had to watch that Razorback football team on television last night and root them on even though they couldn't hear my armchair coaching strategies through the TV screen. They sure played a great game to get no more respect than they do in the rankings. The win against SC last night brings their overall stats to 8-1 and their Southeastern Conference play to 5-0.

Take a look at this and tell me why they're only ranked 12th here.

Florida 6-1 8-1
Tennessee 3-2 7-2
Kentucky 3-3 5-4
Georgia 3-4 6-4
South Carolina 3-4 5-4
Vanderbilt 1-5 4-6
Arkansas 5-0 8-1
Auburn 5-1 9-1
LSU 3-2 7-2
Alabama 2-4 6-4
Mississippi State 1-5 3-7
Mississippi 1-5 3-7

I reckon everyone's waiting around to see if the Hogs can keep up the pace against the next three, tough, teams they have to meet up with this month. They still have to tangle with Tennessee, Mississippi State, and LSU. Maybe if they can continue their winning streak through these teams SOMEBODY will sit up and take notice. Ya think?


cassie-b said...

Best of luck to your team. I think they shoult be in first place in their conference.


Brent said...

Being on a winning streak will eventually make you #1, but your track record is always what helps your ranking. If they had been ranked high last year they would get to #1 faster this year.

Joe said...

I agree girl! They are playing good! Bama stinks, to many hurt and not enough recruiting! Have a good evening girl!

John Strain said...

This may be their year. LSU has lost a couple of tough ones. I reckon the Tigers will be up to see the Razorbacks around Thanksgiving.

Cindra said...

Our college football here is so poor we actually back our pro teams. Go Colts! Hope your team gets more respect, B.

Special K said...


Don't hurt me!

kaliblue said...

My hubs is a MS State fan all the way. All of his Family on both sides are Alumni's of MS State. Anywhoo. He was just excited that State FINALLY one a game this Season *LOL*. And Especially over Bama:-). I on the other hand am a Auburn fan through & through. Arkansas whipped our butts too. The only team to do it. *sigh*. But I was more upset that Georgia lost to TN than Auburn getting whipped by ya'll *LOL*. Nothing sucks worse than the Big Orange(TN).*he he he he*

mreddie said...

If they win the rest, they will have to be taken seriously, whether the polls want to do it or not. ec