Monday, November 06, 2006

Hope I'm not boring ya'll.

If ya'll get tired of these posts with the photo links, please let me know, ok? Not much has been going on around here other than the usual. I see the babies when I can and enjoy watching them play, help with that neverending homework, and PUT up with a big lump that is spending way too much time at home in his recliner lately.

The other day, Jazzi, posted a piece about a Ginkgo tree at her work and it gave me the urge to go out and hunt one up for a couple of photos before I missed the show here. I found both trees in West Helena and was able to get a little closer to the second one so the shape of the leaves shows up better. They're such a riot of bright yellow in the Autumn and I love to see their show during this time of the year.

I thought I'd also put a link to the first shot I took at the old railroad track so you could see what I thought was so odd about it. The more I look at the photos, the more I think that it wasn't my focusing that caused the blur, but just what the cause is, is beyond me.

I took this shot of an old barn that day we rambled also.

On Sunday some of the babies visited and enjoyed playing outdoors for a bit after dinner.

Tomorrow, Zach has another doctor's appointment and I need to get the tags for James's truck so it'll be a pretty busy day.

I hope everyone's enjoying their week!


Phyllis said...

Now I went to look at your pohotos and I did not see any blur. Where is it? That is a great shot though, I love the colors!

cultureshock553 said...

Love it when you post photos. Don't stop! Not boring at all!

I drove though West Helena a couple of weeks ago on my way from Shreveport to Cleveland, OH. The leaves were gorgeous. Wish we got that kind of fall foliage down here.

JimBob said...

It's an odd effect alright. I wonder if perhaps cool air is flowing out of the woods where they abut the roadbed which is sunwarmed rock and creates a vortex as the air warms and rises?

A type of mirage?

cassie-b said...

Your pictures are great!

When I was in Jr. High school, we had to go out every year (for science class) and collect leaves for a project. We had to put them in a book and identify them. There was a ginko tree about a mile or so from our house, and I went there every year to collect those leaves. Thanks for the memory.

Cal said...

Photos are a great part of blogging, Brenda. Certainly don't stop. Love the colours on the tree.

Sally said...

Since I have such a difficult time posting pictures, I'm glad that you can!! So you have a lump in the recliner, eh? :)

BTW, I love the picture at the top. So warm and friendly!!

jazzi said...

I took a clue from you and did my pictures that way, too. I thought it might help those people on dial-up.

Tammy said...

I'm never bored with your bright colorful pictures and your beautiful grandchildren!!

Joe said...

Hey girl, you have caused a rush at webshots! :-) It said due to high volume please check later!

Kathleen Marie said...

I don't know if I have seen a ginko tree? Maybe I have as they almost look like some we have around here but hard to tell. It is gold and yellow here in the Fall.

I enjoyed the photos and hope you have a great week!

PEA said...

I always enjoy seeing your pictures so don't stop now:-) Your grandchildren are just so adorable and all their pictures are so sweet!! I love that picture of the barn with all the wonderful Autumn colours behind it...brilliant!

mreddie said...

Beautiful photos of the ginkos - thanks. ec