Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tuesday Doings

I was up bright and early this morning in order to get Zach to his doctor appointment on time. Mind you, I wasn't bright until around 9ish but all you folks who don't do mornings will know what I mean.

After we did the doctor thing, I went to drop off Zach's prescription on my way to the main bank in Helena. James needed funds for his hunting trips (the SD one has been moved up to Sunday) so I thought I'd just do it at that bank. I wrote out the a check to be cashed and handed it to the lady at the drive-through and she took one look at it and pushed it right back out to me, "You'll have to do the whole check again, you made it out to the bank instead of cash, and then I'll have to see 2 pieces of ID to cash it and that's only IF you have an account here with enough funds in it.",,, HUH? The last time I cashed a check on our account they'd told me I had to make it out to the bank and I've only banked at the damned place for, oh, about, 35 years, and I only HAD one form of ID with me,,,AND I was also wrestling with Zach about manhandling my cell phone,,, I was in no mood for a change in their danged policies at that moment. I told the lady to give me the check back, I was going to the branch, that I normally used, to cash it, and HAVE A NICE DAY, Ya HEAR? So off I go, back to the pharmacy, then on back to West Helena, to the branch bank, to cash the danged check. Without any ID, (although I understood the need for ID ,,just not about having to have 2 when I'd banked there forever and a day) and without having to change one danged thing on the check.

Whatever happened to customer courtesy? I felt like a bank robber for a time there.

After doing all THAT, I was finally able to go to Jerri and Bubbie's to see Trish and the girls. Jordan and Jaylen are growing like crazy! They'll be teenagers before we know it! I played Trivia with Trish and Jami and laughed so hard I got a nose bleed.

Jerri had to take her girls to the doctor today with respirtory infections and Jami had to also take Abby with the same. They sure were wishing for a holiday without any kind of illness this year, last year everyone had a stomach virus!

When I got ready to leave, Miz Jillian decided that she didn't want me to go, so I just brought her home with me and we've been doing some major playing at my house this evening.

Well, I'd best be getting the little ones to bed so I'll say good night for now.
Hope everyone's having a fine and dandy week!


mreddie said...

Sounds like you enjoy those little ones about as much as I do. ec

jazzi said...

Some people have no business doing business with other people.
What a jerk teller!

Leslie said...

Customer courtesy seems to be a thing of the past, doesn't it? When someone is really helpful or kind, they stand out like a beacon.

I bet dinner's going to be awesome this year :)

Mary Lou said...

Customer Service has been OUT SOURCED!

Joan said...

It sounds more like trying to get a loan than cashing a cheque.

Don't forget to let us know your Thanksgiving menu....are you havin possum:)?