Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Telling it Like it IS.

My friend Nick sent the video clip to me. He feels, as I do, that those men sitting on that committee are enjoying the entertainment being provided but aren't seriously considering a single word he's saying.

It's all about big bucks folks.

Here's a look at how much members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee received in political contributions from oil and gas interests since the beginning of 2009. Contributions are from political action committees run by oil and gas companies and from individuals employed by those companies.

The oil and gas industry has contributed more than $7.5 million to members of the 111th Congress thus far in the 2010 election cycle.

It's just sad.


Donna said...

Vote 'Em OUT! It's sickening!

Out on the prairie said...

I always feel we need new ideas so throw the bums out. Our senator, Charles Grassely IA R., got 110 K for his campaign saluting the oil companies on his committee.I stated earlier in another blog, in Alaska at the Valdez spill site you can still dig in the beach and find crude at 6-8 inches, it stays forever.

Jeanette said...

Yes it is just sad..and scary too.

Sally said...

Sad and crazy!!!!!

bermudabluez said...

Very sad indeed, Brenda. I feel so bad for all of those people along the coast. I watched Diane Sawyer interview those folks along the bayou. Don't know what they will do now. It's just awful. Dreadful.

Donna said...

The politicians can't even begin to relate to everyday folks. They live in an imaginary world and get to spend money that other people earn through their own hard work. And it is the same no matter which political party. And this oil spill mess is showing the country quite clearly that big government doesn't help. It merely gets in the way.