Friday, April 24, 2009

Roses and Talents

I guess the fact that it's been in the 80's here for the past couple of days means the threat of frost is done. Every bush is blossoming except for the climbing red in the back yard.

I snapped a picture of the reddish orange blooms above to share my astonishment about this little climber. The photo in my previous post with the lighter orange rose is from the same bush!
Isn't it strange to have such a variety of colors from one plant? I don't know if it's grafted to be like this or if that evil farmer <-----over there has gotten chemicals on it already this year. I really should keep up with the varieties but I really don't have it altogether enough for all that.

This morning, while all the kiddies were reclining all around my living room as they waited for the school bus, we had a conversation about talents. Jerri and Alexis were talking about softball and how each team member had a talent. Jerri told Alexis that Calaeb's talent was catching and Alexis could stop the ball good so that was her talent. Alexis caught on and said, "Oh yeah! Everyone has a talent! Abby's is pooting!" She went through everyone naming their talent (notice one of Jillian's talents above). No one said anything for a minute or so, then Jillian came over, climbed into my lap and said, "And you're a good Nanaw."

I don't care what happens for the rest of the day, that was the highpoint!


Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Awww how sweet is that!!!
From the mouth of a baby!!
The roses are gorgeous,makes me green with envy!

jazzi said...

Those kids may remember that conversation for a long time. It's so wonderful that the kids have such encouragement. Not every family has that.

Sally said...

Now, that is just the sweetest thing EVER!!!!!

The roses are beautiful, Ms. Brenda. You're just surrounded by love and beauty! :)

Jeanette said...

I love roses! I can't grow them for squat but I love them! All of our stuff is just now coming in. Our daffodills are just now blooming! Trees are just now getting leaves. Gotta love Spring!

Donna said...

Awwww....Talk about Melt Your Heart!!!Hahaa...What sweeties you have Brenda...Happy weekend!hughugs

Joan said...

You are a good Nanaw...that's your talent alright!

Cindra said...

You are not just a good Nanaw, you are a fabulous, wonderful, loving Nanaw!

PEA said...

I'm soooo envious that you have roses in bloom already! Mine haven't even started to sprout yet...sigh. Our growing season is so short, June, July and August, that's it!! I also have some rose bushes that have different coloured roses on them and that totally baffled me last year until I learned that they must have been "grafted". Who knew! lol

I'm still giggling at the conversation about talent...but awwwww at what Jillian said:-) xoxo

Butterfly Gardener said...

I don't know the names of my roses either. I do have a couple of bi-colors that gradually change colors as they open up. Its very interesting how they all grow.
Your grandbabies all sound so sweet!