Monday, April 20, 2009

Farming in Memphis

A friendly snake sunning on the farm.

Wild turkeys

A tug on the channel coming from the Mississippi River.

Farm Owner

A view of Memphis across one of the fields on the island. Click to enlarge and you can see the bridge, the pyramid, and some of the tall buildings downtown.

Zoomed in shot of the same view as above.

Zach's watching the soybean bean seeds unload.

I arrived home around 11:30 Saturday morning but was just too tired to sit down and look through all of the photos to get a post ready. I spent most of the day on Friday being James' farm gofer. I went to pick up lunches and went to pick up supper, stuff like that. I did get away for over a hour to visit the Metal Museum but they only allowed me to take pictures of the outside displays. But, that was ok, I got some pretty good shots for the "Anything Metal" Challenge I think.

Being on President's Island is a total contrast to the rest of Memphis for sure. I went from pavement, to potholes and gravel, to dirt turn rows in just a matter of minutes after crossing the old I55 bridge.

It was raining when we woke up on Saturday morning (Zach and I slept in while James went back to work), but it didn't rain enough to keep them out of the fields until much later in the day. Zach stayed all day with James and I came home!

I think he said he'll be through planting up there in a day and a half if he can get back in the fields by Wednesday.


kimberly said...

sounds busy.busy.busy......president's island sounds interesting...i should google and read up on these places that are mentioned....who knows, brenda....i may end up on your front porch on a road trip one day?!!! :)hope you get some rest...thanks for the photos!

Sally said...

Great pictures, Ms. Brenda! I was confused on which day and night you were going to be gone, but then what's new? :)

I'll be anxious to see the metal challenge shots you got although I'm sure they're great also.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!! (hugs)

Donna said...

Shoot! Didn't get to go shopping! Can't wait to see the photos sweetie!!!
COOL SNAKE PHOTO!!!!! I guess you took it?!!!'re brave!!hughugs

Maria said...

I love to see your photos from your part of the country! The snake photo is great! I'm also curious to learn more about your trip!
Have a pleasant week ahead!

PEA said...

My gosh, woman, you trying to give me heart failure with the picture of that snake???? lol To me there is no such thing as a friendly snake...brrrrrr! Them and spiders I DO NOT LIKE!!!

That pyramid, is that the Rock & Roll museum or somethin like that? That is really a neat shot of Zach watching the soybeans seeds first I thought it was a swarm of bees coming at him! lol

Glad you're home safe and sound. xoxo

Donna said...

You captured the contrast between the big city and the farms that feed the city dwellers! And a "friendly" snake? Nope, not in my book, LOL! Glad you got a few pics for the challenge.

Debbie said...

Friendly snake? Nope.

I must google the pyramid. I love them. Great shots of the distance and I love seeing other places!

Brenda said...

The Memphis pyramid sits empty and desolate since early in 2007. It's a 20,142-seat arena that once hosted the Memphis grizzlies and other sporting events, but the Fed-ex forum took over in that respect. It was built in 1991 I think. I went there several years ago to see River Dance and would never go again because the seating is really horribly uncomfortable. The rumor for the last couple of years has been that Bass Pro was interested in buying it, but who knows.

Virginia Gal said...

You gotta warn us when putting a snake picture up. I HATE snakes and that sucker, from the one second I glanced at him was huge!

joan said...

Cool photos Brenda. Not sure about the friendly snake though, LOL! He looked kind of big to me. We have some wild turkeys roaming around my area of Cincy, they just roam around..........