Monday, April 27, 2009

Jose`, Take Me Away!

MeriKate was sick Thursday and Friday with a tummy virus. Beans had it too but she only had the diarrhea part of it. It hit Alexis on Saturday. Zach came home sick today. This stuff is bouncing around like crazy around here. I'm wiping everything down with Clorox wipes, washing my hands over and over, and bleaching the toilet, because I don't want the bug; I don't need the bug! And noone else wants or needs the bug either!

Now I'm worried that most of the 6th grade has been exposed to the bug.

TV is filled with news of the Swine Flu virus that's moving all over the world, I sure hope all this cholorine bleach will keep that bug away. I hope all of you will take precautions to keep that nasty bug at bay too! It's mighty scary.


Now, a Beans story.

We were all outdoors the other day playing and Beans went up to Jerri and kept asking her something about "cycle". Jerri kept asking her, " what did she mean, what did she want?" Our patient little Beans (not) finally said, in a calm voice, "Ok." Then she got right in Jerri's face and yelled, "CYCLE!!!" Jerri still didn't know what she was trying to tell her but started laughing over the expression of exasperation that Beans had on her face. I was sitting on the porch steps and Beans marched over to me, held up an almost fully eaten pear, asked me, " where do you cycle", and started to throw it next to the porch.

Then it hit me. She wanted to "RECYCLE" her left-over pear.

I let her take it over to one of the rose bushes and put it underneath.

I reckon we need to see about starting a "compoat" (that's what she calls compost) pile around here so this child can do her "cycling".


We have 2 elementary graduations in May! Alexis is graduating from Kindergarten, top of her class, and Zach graduating from 6th grade. He'll be in Jr. High next year! I felt pretty old when my youngest child graduated from highschool; I wonder what I'll be feeling in 6 years when my oldest grandchild graduates?

Dear Lord, I'm not ready for this.


Virginia Gal said...

Give my congrad's to Zach and Alexis!!

Donna said...

OhLordy Girl!! Keep-a-wipeing with the clorox...Hope it's over soon for you!! Crys is out today with Sami as well...vomiting at 2am this morning!
I love the cycle...under the bush!! place for it!!hughugs

Debbie said...

How darn cute is she! I thought she was talking about bicycle! Much funnier :)

Washing, washing and washing hands.

Congrats to the Grads! Time is flying so fast. Keep sittin on that porch and enjoying them, lady (hugs)

Sally said...

No no no one else needs that old flu and I hope no one else gets it!!

That Beans is sooooo funny!!! I just LOVE her!!!!

Donna said...

Beans is a hoot! You need to start a "Wisdom from Beans" book, LOL. Hope you keep those sickie bugs at bay!

Jeanette said...

Oh Beans is so cute!
Just keep washing those hands all of the time!

jazzi said...

I hope you keep that bug away from you. Thank goodness for bleach, eh?
I can't believe Zach's almost in jr. high. I remember him being in 1st grade!!

Butterfly Gardener said...

Your crew always has something funny to say and brings a smile to my face!
Good for Beans for wanting to recycle. A 20-something coworker ask me one time if I saw the news story about a couple making compost and using it in their garden. She was totally disgusted. She'll never eat any of my tomatoes if I tell her about all the poop we tilled in the garden this spring!LOL

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Oh Brenda... you just did the right thing... keep it going... keep the bug out...
Take care always... and for the family, too.

Donna said...

...Over here...cheering you up...

kimberly said...

LOL.....these kids are priceless!!!! hoping you aren't down with the bug....or anyone els!