Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tomatoes and Okra

By noon yesterday I felt as though I'd been up to my eyeballs in tomatoes for many more hours than I actually was. From start to finish, I worked on those luscious, red, fruits for about 5 hours and the end result was 14 canned pints of delicious.

Those are gonna taste mighty fine in soups and chili during the cold winter months.

I also canned 7 pints and 4 quarts of pickled okra last week. Most of those are for one of the college kids that works down on the farm, he grows it, picks it, and sends it to me to pickle for him.

I'm not doing anything today that I don't have to.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!


Louise said...

Yum to both! I miss home-canned tomatoes. We just don't have enough space here to grow more than we can eat and share.

Sally said...

Oh wow, those tomatoes look so good! You're so smart, Ms. Brenda. I can remember helping my mom canning, and my grandmother. But mostly, I was in their way and didn't pay enough attention to learn how myself.

Good for you; hope you're getting very restful day today. ((HUG))

Donna said...

You are going to be soooo glad this winter that you did all of that work!

Kellan said...

YUM YUM YUM! There's nothing I love more than tomatos - NOTHING!

Hope you had a good weekend - see you - Kellan

Virginia Gal said...

I had a very relaxing weekend - watching the Olympics. I do love the Olympics and okra (hint hint) ha ha.

Donna said...

Man! That's gonna be a Great spagetti sauce!! Just wish I HAD some 'maters to can!!hahaha,,,Hope your Sunday Night was restful!!hughugs