Friday, August 22, 2008

Still In A Mood

Yesterday started out alright but someone stuck their toe in and gave me a big, fat, headache. I hope that old broad has a double doozey of one today. I'll do a rant and rave post about it later.

The day ended on a better note, the kids came in from school without too much yelling and fussing, Zach got right on his homework without me having to tell him more than 20 times (that's a record!), and the Beans and Chick came over to see if Nanaw was still where she was supposed to be.


Sally said...

Well, goodness. I hope today is better, and way to go Zack - 20 times eh? hahahaha

Take care Ms. Brenda and have a good weekend.

Louise said...

You know, if other people didn't know how to ruin our days! I'd be game to live by myself on an island a lot of the time.

Donna said...

Foe SOME reason,......I have a headache.....WHAT??!!!!Hahahaha.....I want 'ta know Now!!! hughughugs

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

I hope you feel better have a good weekend

Virginia Gal said...

I am glad school has started again and you get some break during the day. Fingers crossed that this year Zach does amazing in math!!

Phyllis said...

Oh, tell us!
My gosh, but I have a dull life compared to yours!