Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'll keep my lips and wrinkles, thank you very much!

Jerri and the Beans came by yesterday for a cup of coffee after they'd dropped off the Chick at school, and while we were sitting there being Bean-er-tained, and talking when she'd let us, Jerri handed me a magazine she'd been thumbing through and said, "Look at this."

I took it, looked, and thought, "What? Her hair style?" Then I noticed what she was holding and I said, "What in the hell is she holding?" Jerri was laughing as I read a little more of the ad and discovered it sure wasn't what I first thought it might be. (although there are probably some crazy folks out there who just might attempt to use it for something similar to what I was thinking, but I ain't going there, nope, not me.) I initially thought it was some sort of feminine device,

and it was,

just not for the part of the feminine anatomy that I first thought.

What we were looking at was an ad for Jolie Lips: Lip Plumping System.

Is this supposed to replace that stuff made from animal hooves that women are letting plastic surgeons inject into their lips to give them that "pouty" look? It's certainly cheaper, I don't imagine you can even get a peek at a surgeon for the $24.95 price of it.

Anyway, Jerri and I started joking about other ways, redneck ways, to get "the pout", like slapping a bee when it lands on your strawberry lip gloss, or not watching where you're going and running face/lips first into a door, or heck, Jerri said she'd slap someone's lips for less than $24.95, might be a way to make a little extra spending money.

I think I'll keep my old wrinkled lips, and my old wrinkled face too, cause that Secret Lift thing looks like an accident waiting to happen also.


Kellan said...

I think I'll keep my old lips and wrinkles too - HA!

BTW - wanted to let you know that I am posting your "The Talk" post On The Flipside for tomorrow. Thanks again for being a guest blogger.

Take care - Kellan

Sally said...

It would be just my luck, using that contraption for the wrinkles, the tapes and elastic would break on one side leaving a lop sided look. hahahaha Of course, I could always use duct tape.

Congrats on your post on the The Flipside!! Good for you, Ms. Brenda!!

Donna said...

Hahahahahaha....Don't want No pouty lips Here...Fun post Miz Brenda!!!hughugs

jazzi said...

Sally's comment made me chuckle; I have enough trouble with my face being lopsided, having had bell's palsy at the age of 10! I can't imagine what I'd look like if what she described happened to me! Ha!

cassie-b said...

What will they think of next!

I'm pretty happy with my lips as they are - without plumping. They're a bit on the thin side, but I don't mind.


Joan said...

I don't know why some women like to go around looking like someone just decked them...boggles the mind.

bichonpawz said...

OMG! This is hilarious....I thought exactly the same as you!!

Cindra said...

I have a slight pout and it is from two different accidents in my childhood... getting hit in the upper lip with the can during kick the can and getting hit going for a pop fly by another player's pointy framed glasses. Remember those pointy frames? I now have scar tissue that a surgeon once told me he would remove for a fee. Good thing I didn't have the money... because of it I still have lips at my age.

Jeanette said...

I have a allergy to adhesives so I if I wore that instant lift tape, I may be wrinkle-free but I'd be scratching so much no one would notice how young looking I was!!