Sunday, February 03, 2008

Still Breathing

It's been a dreary day weather-wise so we've been watching movies all day long..,,,well, almost all day, I didn't actually wake up to start my day until 10 or so. I was doing some righteous snoozing.

I watched Game Plan last night, it was as hilarious as Crystal said it was. The other movies were so blah that I won't even mention them.

My title reminded me of a phone call that woke me up about 5:30 one morning years ago. After I'd said my grumpy hello, a voice asked me, "Is da man dead yet?" I said, "WHAT?", the voice asked again, "Is da man dead yet?" I told the voice, "Well he was still breathing when he left for work" and I hung up.

I didn't get a call back so maybe the caller got the number right if she called to ask about dat man again.


tine said...

Wishing you a happy Monday Brenda :)

Crystal said...

LOL! I wonder if it was a prank call? Hope you never get a call like that again!

We watched movies too yesterday. On our list of watched movies was Stardust and A knight's Tale. A knight's Tale is with Heath Ledger in it. I've always loved the movie and just wanted to see it again. Such a terrific actor and it was a good movie. I recommend both! Glad you liked Game Plan;)

Sally said...

Righteous sleep, the best kind. I watched the Super Bowl game last night, on and off. That's about all the watching I did yesterday.

I remember once I kept getting a woman calling asking for John. There was no John in my life at that moment in time. Finally, I said "Yes, he is but he's in the shower." She never called again! hahaha

Sally said...

P.S. Today is Phyllis's birthday; thought you'd want to know. :)

Donna said...

Dat Man...LOLfunny!!! Hope all is well in your world today!!!

Crystal said...

Like your new look!!