Friday, February 29, 2008

8 Things

For Crystal

8 Things I'm Passionate About

1. My grandbabies and my kids
2. My Sisters
3. Photography
4. Learning CSS and html code (nearly losing the battle)
5. Getting a true rest
6. Good books
7. Education
8. Nature

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Live to raise Zach to adulthood
2. See the Western U.S.
3. Wade in the Pacific Ocean
4. Build a screened in porch!
5. Know that I did something in my life that made a difference.
6. See my kids reach financial security
7. Watch all of my grandbabies grow to adulthood
8. Take the Ultimate Photograph

8 Things I Often Say

1. I love you a bushel and a Peck and a hug around the neck.
2. Shit!!
3. Just shoot me!
4. Dammit Zach!!!
5. Hell's bells!
6. Hush Ya-Ya!
7. Brush your teeth, get dressed (If I had a nickel for every time I said that I'd be rich!)
8. Grow the hell UP!

8 Books I've Recently Read/Currently Reading

1. Damaged, Cathy Glass
2. Crazy School, Cornelia Read
3. The Lost Boy, David Pelzer
4. The Darkest Evening of the Year, Dean Koontz
5. Duma Key, Stephen King
6. Blood Brothers (Sign of Seven Trilogy, Book 1),
Nora Roberts
7. A Child Called It, David Pelzer
8.Hand of Evil (Ali Reynolds Mysteries), J.A. Jance

8 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over (these all link to the music)

1. Smoke Rings in the Dark, Gary Allen
2. Hotel California, Eagles
3. Goodbye Earl, Dixie Chicks
4. You Don't Even Call Me By My Name, David Allen Coe
5. John Deere Green, Joe Diffie
6. House of the Rising Sun, The Animals
7. I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow - The Soggy Bottom Boys featuring Dan Tyminski
8. Do You Feel Like We Do, Peter Frampton

8 Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends

1. Sense of Humor
2. Supportive
3. Not Critical behind your back (only to your face if need be)
4. Caring
5. Not pushy or controlling
6. Forthright
7. Compassionate
8. Dependable

8 People To Do Crazy Eights: (their links)

1. Virginia Gal
2. Tammy
3. Ed
4. Karen H
5. Cindra
6. Cassie b
7. Bermuda Bluez
8. Brent


Crystal said...

I loved all your answers! Especially the words you often say! LOL! Thank you so much for playing along;) Hope you have a good weekend!

Donna said...

Goodness! Lookie at Crystals new picture! Anyway, this reminds me to do a post on the "Grow the hell up" one! Loved all your answers!!!

Brent said...

Thanks for including me!!

All I have to say is I love the "Soggy Bottom Boys"!!! Hell of a movie and a hell of a soundtrack!

bermudabluez said...

Loved all your answers! I don't usually do memes...but I will do a partial be posted next week!

Oh! And Earl and Hotel California are two of my favorites too!!

Tammy said...

I loved all of the things that you often say!

What a neat meme!

I'll try to get around to it...

Have a great day!

Cindra said...

Love your answers! I'm a little overwhelmed... that's a lot of thinking. I will give it a try for you.

Anonymous said...

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