Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why I Should Go On Strike; Why I Don't Like Snow; and Why I'm Drinking Margaritas on Saturday Afternoon

It's winter and James doesn't have to work much during the winter months. It's holiday time and Zach's out of school until Jan. 7th. These two little items means it's no rest for the weary (or is it the wicked?, I foget).

On Monday James forgot to put the trash container out beside the road for pick-up, this was Christmas Eve, so you can imagine why it was/is a big deal to have a full container going into one of the trashmakingest days of the year.

Since James had gathered up all the trash in the house a few days ago, I thought he was storing it in the shed until time for the next weekly pick-up. Apparently it doesn't pay for me to think, because I was wrong.

This morning, as I was sweeping and mopping the utility room (a chore Zach was supposed to have completed due to it being his muddy boots that made the mess), I looked out the back door to find at least half of the contents of 2, huge, hefty bags scattered all over the deck. I'm quite sure the mess perps were Daisy, who'd been out for a romp, and the neighbor's St. Bernard. They must have thought they'd just throw a big ole trash party cause it took me quite a bit of time, in bare feet and pjs, to pick up and sweep up all their left-overs.

I'm still muttering obscenities.

Feeling sorry for myself, I decided to take a little break and look through the mail. While glancing through the 2008 Old Farmer's Almanac, I read that it's predicting a snowy Winter, a cool Spring, and 100+ temps for Summer. The snow news, even if it's only remotely possible, lead to thoughts of why I don't like snow.

snow= kids playing in it
Kids & snow = more messes for mopping up and more laundry.

There you have the reasons for the Saturday afternoon margaritas.


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Brenda,
Dang girl, you had some bad luck there huh? I do know that alot of trash places wasn't working in Christmas Eve around here. It was in the Paper on Sunday. Ours was full as well and I had hubby to take it out by the road just in case they did run. They did run but it was late in the afternoon when they ran. I'm sure they will run this Monday also. I would have made your son clean his mess up. I make mine clean their mess up or I ground them. LOL. Hey, it works. I can't believe you went outside this morning barefooted. I would have at least took the time to put some shoes on. I guess the dogs started their New Year's partying early huh? I don't blame ya for having a Margarita. I would have had to have more than one after all this. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great Saturday. Enjoy the Margarita's. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.
It was cold here this morning when I first got up around 5:00a.m. It was 28 degrees. It's only 40 degrees right now at 4:00p.m.

Donna said...

Move over and pour me a double!! LOL

bermudabluez said...

Man, I'd love to be sharing those Margaritas with you!!! I am SOOOOOO looking forward to husband going back to work!!!!! :))))

Mr. Fabulous said...

I thought everyone drank margaritas on Saturday afternoons...

Anonymous said...

I've never had a margarita, but it sounds good and you know, It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!! :)

Have a great Sunday, Ms. Brenda.


PEA said...

I think just about now, we ALL need a margarita or two! lol Oh dear, trash all over the deck is something you really don't want to see at any time but especially not at Christmas! Men and boys...they just can't seem to get it right, can they! lol Hopefully your Sunday is going a lot better:-) xox

cassie-b said...

I think that a margarita or two is the perfect solution to all your problems.

Happy New Year! And I hope the snow doesn't arrive.

Donna said...

Stay warm sweetie and Happy New Year to you and your family...Put that broom down young lady!!! LOL
Step Away from boys, men and dogs!!! LOL